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It is that time again!   It seems like only a few weeks ago since the 2008 Parade of Homes. This year promises to be even more exciting. With gorgeous weather upon us, and two full weekends of open houses, what are you waiting for. Come Check out the 2009 Tallahassee Parade of Homes!   This year...
What are your ideas on how a Sustainable City should look?   How does your own city rank on the Sustainability scale?   What are the simplest, or most pressing changes that can/should be made in your area to move toward a better, more economically, socially, environmentally, and aesthetically via...
A recent article in the NY Times ( does a fantastic job of highlighting the new and improved tax incentives for 'greening' your home.   Given the state of the economy and a near-universal need to save money, these incentives could...
  I recently stumbled across a really great opportunity for developers, remodelers, house-flippers and homeowners to save some money, go green and avoid filling up our landfills:   This service offers - for free - the ability to either post offers of building material...
  President Obama recently signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009. One of the many changes of this bill is to extend and modify available tax credits for windows, doors and skylights.The modifications effectively:   extend the length of availability of the tax credits      ...
I recently started a newsletter for the EarthSTEPS Green Building Division. As part of that newsletter, I am going to be highlighting a green builder in every issue. Here's a copy of the first Green Builder Spotlight. A copy of the entire newsletter can be found here.   I would love to get feedba...
Earth Cents Gulf Power has recently created the new Earth Cents program to help their customers lower their utility bills and increase comfort and value of the home.This new program encompasses many different energy saving practices compiled into one set of guidelines for building or remodeling a...
Florida’s  HOP program   For a brief overview of the program, please see my first posting   Homebuyer Loan Process:   Keeping it simple, keeps you happy!   1.    Contact a HOP educated REALTOR and Lender to assist you with your homebuying process 2.    Once construction on the Unit has begun, Mem...
  Florida’s  HOP program   For a brief overview of the program, please see my first posting     Eligible Homebuyer Requirements: 1. In order to receive a HOP Loan under the HOP program, the Eligible Homebuyer must:      (1)     Have an Adjusted Income that does not exceed eighty      percent (80%...

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