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By Chris Meger
(RE/MAX Action Realty)
As a professional in the field of Real Estate Marketing, I get asked almost daily… “How high can housing prices go in Whitehorse?” The reality is that there is no one simple way to answer this question. In fact several elements of the marketplace need to be examined prior to conclusions or predictions being made. Next time you’re out with your buddies or sipping on some wine with the girls and the topic of Whitehorse real estate comes up, keep this in mind… The simple straightforward law of supply and demand can be held largely responsible for the current state of housing prices in Whitehorse and the Yukon. One who lives in Whitehorse or anywhere in the Yukon for that matter knows all too well the direction pricing has gone in the last 10 or so years. Elevated demand, low interest rates...
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By Matt Listro, Your Credit Repair Expert
(National Credit Fixers - Matt Listro)
Expert Credit Repair in Yukon  National Credit Fixers: 330 Roberts Street 4th Floor East Hartford CT 06108 phone: 860-282-6181. National Credit Fixers boasts of 13 years experience repairing low FICO scores. Whether your credit has been damaged by a foreclosure, bankruptcy, slow credit, collections, judgments, repossessions, etc. we can help. We are the experts in credit restoration and credit repair. We have helped numerous residents of Yukon and are experts in Yukon credit repair. Yes it's true: even people in Yukon depend on credit!  If you are having trouble with you credit - I would like to be of assistance to you. Please call us. :)Matt Toll Free: 888-NCFIXER (623-4937) Toll Free Fax: 888-FAX-4020 (329-4020) Local: 860-282-6181 330 Roberts Street 4th Floor East Hartford, CT 06108 ...
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