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Get to Know Chris Meger

A thirst for challenge, a perpetual desire for growth, an investment in life-long learning and a commitment that goes beyond the old standard of customer satisfaction to a new standard of client care, are just some of the motivational factors that drive Chris Meger…

Since graduating high school in Selkirk Manitoba in 1999 and attending the University of Winnipeg, all of his endeavors have involved the need to meet challenges, expand his knowledge, protect and bring value to others, and perhaps to take some chances.

After a childhood in which he says he has been involved in hunting, fishing, paddling, camping, baseball, and golf “since I could walk,” it followed that his first passionate job would be as a hunting and fishing guide. As a guide, he learned to develop and maintain successful relationships with a variety of people, and he learned that he loves the “emotional high” of helping others make their dreams come true.

Then, because of his continuing education and experience in the great outdoors, in 2006 he was hired by one of the largest independently owned occupational health and safety training companies in Northern Canada. Soon he was instructing emergency response based training that included multiple technical rescue courses, first-aid, and survival skills in some of the most inhospitable places on earth. When given the option to relocate to the Yukon in 2008, he jumped on the opportunity and became the company’s Regional Manager. Although he enjoyed this position and credits it with shaping him into who he is today, in the fall of 2010 he realized it was time for a change. He chose to pursue a career in real estate.

Chris graduated from Sauder School of Business’s Real Estate Trading Services Program at UBC and has been granted acceptance into UBC’s Urban Land Economic Diploma Program. Most recently he’s completed the Residential Trading Services Applied Practice Course and has exceeded the current requirements for real estate licensing in the Yukon.

Why such emphasis on education? Because he feels it shapes attitudes... Knowledge and skill foster confidence and poise. Chris is dedicated to providing his Yukon Territory real estate customers and clients with what he dubs as a “Premiere Real Estate Experience." How? By listening and putting his client’s needs first, always without pressure. By providing Yukon home buyers and sellers with an effective game plan derived from defining concise goals and implementing creative and constructive marketing plans. He developed a customized care package that clients benefit from the beginning stages of a transaction through closing and beyond.