Whiskey Ridge (Marysville, WA)
By Toby Barnett, Toby Barnett
(KW North Sound)
During prohibition moon shiners made there special brew and made the greatest effort to keep it out of sight. What would Marysville be without a little moon shine history? Well in those days the East Hill of Marysville received the name Whiskey Ridge from the moon shine era. It has long since changed from the time but there was a rumor going around, when I was a senior in high school, 1996, that when the hill was cleared old stills where found. So the moon shiners really did make their brew there.Yesterday, when taking pictures, there were children playing basketball and tossing a baseball around. It gave me a big smile to see all the kids out playing and it made me think back to when I was a young tike. Moving on, Whiskey Ridge is comprised of both two story and rambler style homes tha...
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