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I ranted and I raved and I was angry!  I had a pity party for one and I was the guest of honor.  It didn't make a difference -- the horned toad didn't care and neither did anyone else.  (Sigh...) So, I changed my window of perception.  I put a treadmill in my office and although I'm pretty clumsy...
Now accepting articles on all areas of real estate, including marketing, staging, social networking, web site, web video, SEO, etc.  Each article is linked to the website of the author and will be blogged about on the company blog. Roday is a custom full service sign company with its sister compa...
Just one of the things that caught my interest on our three week road trip -- what a great hook! No, I didn't check to see if I had a signal but then Verizon had a lot of dead spots as we crossed the country which is probably just as well or I would have worked a lot more.  That must be what dead...
One of our recent projects and still selling is Lighthouse Point Condominiums in West Seattle.  Traffic has been light although they are moving moving albeit slowly.  We have proposed an SEO package to them but they have not acted on it as yet.  Does everyone feel like blogging about particular p...
Great, you have signs and yet, no one comes.  How do you overcome that?  How do you drive traffic when the old ways of driving traffic no longer work? Is it bigger signs, brighter signs, or more signs?  Although signage plays an important role in the real estate industry, they no longer do the jo...
I often run up against the argument that they can get signs cheaper somewhere else. Yes, they can. But what value is there in it? Let's take an mid-scale condo conversion projects. Think about how much is spent on flooring, countertops, upscale appliances and then think about the simple unit sign...

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