Interlochen (Arlington, TX)
By Donnie Keller, Reata Realty Group At Compass
The 5 Reasons to live in Interlochen  Arlington Texas “Exquisite home along beautiful tree-lined street in much sought after neighborhood.”  These are words typically used to describe the homes in Interlochen Estates.  This 107-acre established neighborhood is truly picturesque.  Here are the top 5 reasons to live in Interlochen. The Private 12-acre Lake and Five Channels    The focal point of the neighborhood is the well-designed channel system, known as Lake Interlochen, and is used for boating, swimming and fishing.  The 140 residences that line the waterfront are a part of the Lake Interlochen HOA.  Another 126 residences are located off the water. Rich History at Village Creek Interlochen is located along the Village Creek Historical Area, known for its long history of Native Ameri...
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By Jennifer A. Martin, Executive Assistant
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