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I had an Open House today and I made an intreresting discovery: not every agent's SOI (Sphere of Influence) necessarily is influenced. Here's what happened: My sellers were out of the house for the day and so I made myself at home in the kitchen baking cookies.  As I waited for them to bake, I to...
I am a new real estate agent-less than 3 months, or as we say in the biz "I'm in my first year."  I contact my Sphere of Influence monthly via email newsletter, have sent out 75 FSBO packages, and have taken as much training as the human brain can handle.  But tonight I finally felt like a true b...
Great question! I ask myself that question periodically, although not nearly as often as my colleagues. Why would I want to invest my time and effort in an industry that the experts describe as "tanked", "dismal", or at best "almost at the bottom." So here goes: (1) I schedule my career around my...

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