Topeka, KS Real Estate News

By Becky S. Burghart, President of Topeka Association of REALTORS®
(Berkshire Hathaway First REALTORS®)
Dear Mr and Mrs Buyer or Seller:It is interesting to see how the market has done month to month especially with the turn of events in the lending market.  If you have been approved for a loan a couple of months ago, you might want to double check to see if you STILL qualify before finding the home of your dreams.  Lenders have tighten up on the requirements for loan approvals and it is definitely effecting the end results in posted sales between August 2007 to September 2007.  The # of units sold in August was:  315 and September showed a drop to: 243.  Year to Date 2006 showed unit sales at: 2653 and 2007 is showing: 2531.  Average home sales is still hovering between$100,000 to $139,999.  However, more homes have been sold in 2007 in the $300,000 - $499,999 than in 2006. If you are th...
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By Rob Lang, Local Expert in NE Central Kansas Real Estate Home
(At Home Kansas)
Many people decide as they live in a city that they want to get out in the country to not be so close to neighbors.  Then there is the problem that if you go too far out in the country, you lose the city conveniences.  The home below is an example of the best of both worlds in that it has 1.2 acres, no close buildings or neighbors, city conveniences, and Topeka Wal-Mart just 10 minutes away.This home is also an example of how people who need help in paying the mortgage can rent out the downstairs and use the rent payment to make it to where they only have to pay half the mortgage payment themselves.416 N. Topeka Ave 416 N. Topeka Ave., Carbondale, KS 66414Click to View Show 1.2 acres of country living with the city conveniences of Carbondale KS; just 10 minutes south of Topeka Wal-Mart,...
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