Mcdonald Historic District (Santa Rosa, CA)
Living in a Storybook home in Sonoma County's Historical District - Why are we Selling?   As a realtor of over 30 years, I know a wonderful house when I see it. Forgive me if this may sound egotistical but I will let you all judge for yourselves...I have just put my own house on the market (I have a partner who will step in to negotiate)  I live in a French Tudor, built in 1921, in the wine region of Northern California on a street that was designed by the developer in the beginning of the twentieth century to be the "prettiest" street in Santa Rosa. The architectural details of the house have been maintained, the kitchen has been updated, painting went on for months, floors were refinished, new carpeting was installed, front and back patio's were cleaned, landscaping was changed and af...
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By kathleen bonham
(FHAllen, Sonoma Country and Vintage)
Selling the Family Vintage Home in Sonoma, Calif. and Surviving. I have just spent three months with my husband, daughter, pet schnauzer (Neddie) preparing to sell the family home and downsize into a more simple home with less upkeep, less maintenance, less taxes other words LESS of everything.   Here is what I did to get the ball rolling after I pullled the covers over my head for about 2 days thinking of all I had to do and not being able to move because I was so overwhelmed. The physcololgy of this life change is a blog just by itself! 1. Get Organized. I am NOT the greatest at organizing and going through years of history.. momentos, sentimental gifts, notes from favorite granmothers or parents, child's photos and grammar school drawings, acievements, etc. SO, I solicited help ...
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