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If you are counting on real estate values rebounding soon, think again. Here are some numbers that will be major factors in the real estate market recovery: $14 Trillion Dollar U.S. Deficit.  The 2-year extension of the Bush era tax cuts will continue to drive up these numbers. $9 Trillion loss i...
I just signed up with PartnerFirst, a nationwide Real Estate Network designed to serve homeowners & agents/brokers with Short Sales.  I took their intensive online course on Short Sales and acquired their PSC (Pre-Foreclosure Specialist Certification). Whether you are agent or financially-stresse...
ADVANTAGES OF SHORT SALES    If your home is under water (you owe more than what it's currently worth), and/or you are having problems making your mortgage payments, it's important you carefully consider all options available to you: Loan Modification-  Banks are more flexible than ever to reduce...
Titanium Holdings, Inc. has announced the launching of Excellen, which will offer a full suite of asset management services.  Excellen will be led by president, Cary Sternberg.  Cary has many years experience in this field. Thousands of agents/brokers (like myself), who already belong to Titanium...
I often get asked what it takes to succesfully close a Short Sale in a "relatively short" time period. Here are just a few factors that must be considered:  1. List home 5-10% BELOW market.2. Submit only the BEST OFFER to the lender(s).3. Make sure the Short Sale Packet is COMPLETE.4. Write the L...
Word from Washinghton is that the Senate will extend The First Time Home Buyer Credit of $8,000 from Nov. 30, 2009 to April 30 of 2010.  Under this legislation, all sales must close by June 30, 2010 in order to be eligible for the $8,000 Credit. In addition, the Senate is looking at giving homeow...
Senate Bill 306 was just signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger whereby lenders will have to streamline their Short Sale process. The bill requiresllenders & Service Companies operating in California to: 1.  Either Deny or Accept within 4 days (YES, 4 Days!) a Short Sale offer which includes ...
A global credit squeeze has most economists convinced the Federal Reserve will come to the rescue and cut interest rates next month, a Reuters poll showed on Wednesday. The survey of more than 100 economists across the U.S. and Europe taken Aug 20-22 represents a 180-degree turn on risks to the e...

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