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We are “Real Estate Investors” and what that means is that we work with a team of professionals to do everything including:

Rehabs Wholesales Shortsales Selling/listings Evaluations and most of all helping people resolve their real estate problems.

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Erik Bee:

Erik Bee is a real estate professional in the greater Seattle area, that enjoys a verity of real estate tasks. He comes from a family of real estate professionals, father is 30+ year and counting residential appraiser, mother is a successful landlord managing all of their rental properties, younger sister is a real estate agent, and older sister has been a commercial/residential appraiser for the past 6 years.
Erik is a licensed residential appraiser and broker, and has been building a successful real estate investing company for the past three years. His true passion is in real estate investing and helping others get started in investing. With Erik’s vast experience in residential real estate he has proven to be a huge asset for Seattle Real Estate Investing, LLC in navigating through the rough waters of todays real estate market. In the last couple years Erik and his wife Mariana have enjoyed the learning process of rehabbing several homes and wholesaling several others. They’ve said “this is a very exciting time in real estate and keeping on top of continuing education and the willingness to adapt has proven to be the key to success.”

Joe Bauer:

Joe Bauer is a health and wealth entrepreneur with over 3 years of real estate investing experience and 9 years in the health and fitness industry. He started his real estate career buying, fixing, and renting residential properties in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and has spent the last year investing in short sale properties out east. After a recent move back to his home town of Seattle WA Joe has partnered with real estate power players Erik and Mariana Bee to form Seattle Real Estate Investing, LLC. Joe’s true passion is helping others achieve ultimate health and wealth outcomes, and he does so by providing industry leading education to all that have the drive to succeed.




Wholesaling properties at 50-65% of market value to cash/hard money buyers Foreclosure avoidance Short sale buyer Large and small rehab projects in the greater Seattle area Most real estate problems we have a solution for!




We wholesale, rehab, and short sale properties in the greater Seattle area. Join our buyers list today to get access to properties at 50-60% of market value!