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If you are looking for a Mortgage expert for St Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Seminole, Largo, Dunedin, Gulfport and Gulf Beaches. That is what we want to convince you we are. Trustworthy because we don't play any games or purposely mislead people just to try and get a borrower "in the door". We truly pride ourselves on honest and accurate information which is why we don't quote rates. We just don't do it. Any rate quoted to you by anyone before they have processed your application is just a guess. We want you to know exactly what your rate will be. 

About Me

Scott Hoag has been a mortgage consultant since 1994 and has closed over 1100 loans in his career.   Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist [CMPS]

FBC Mortgage's strongest asset is our flexibility.  With in-house processing and Underwriting, Every day, we have access to over 23 different FHA, VA, and Conventional underwriters, including the biggest banks and mortgage servicers in the country. We are an approved lender for charity gift down-payment programs.


Understanding what it means to be able to deliver is what separates Integrity Financial from the "lender jungle". Like you we don't get paid until the deal closes - so, if it can be closed Integrity Financial can close it. You give us one shot at beating your in-house broker and you'll be amazed. There's a reason professional investors, mortgage brokers and builders trust Integrity Financial with ALL of their deals - we get it done!

Our full menu of mortgage solutions is too vast to publish but if you have a client we have a solution. In the event that you have a client who is currently unfundable we'll work with them for as long as it takes to get them in a position to make their dreams come true. You will have a primary contact point who is available to address your questions and liaison with you on every client.

Our back office team is second to none. We have some of the best processors in the country.  Their professionalism and knowledge of the Underwriting guidelines are unmatched by other companies that fumble through your loan by asking you to bring them everything in your file cabinet for them.  We do your Loan Processing and Quality Control IN HOUSE on all of our loans.  We offer several seminars for your clients every year and provide continuing training to you as an agent on what's happening in the mortgage industry. 


There are many reasons why a great number of professional real estate investors got their start with FBC Mortgage and continue to return to us for their funding and financing needs: 

Our offerings for investors begin with a in-depth morning or afternoon session which leaves them with a complete business plan created from scratch, being pre-qualified so they'll know their buying and bargaining power and with properties in hand to immediately begin getting familiar with the market or building their portfolio.


Many people don't know that Integrity Financial provides one of the largest selections of homeowner mortgage loans in the business. With literally thousands of loan solutions in our menu there is little we cannot do for you. 

The only reason we're a "best kept secret" is because we don't advertise this facet of our services due to the great number of calls it generates. So whether you are a homeowner looking for the best loan for your needs or you are a real estate professional looking for a company to support your efforts to provide quality and affordable housing to your clients Gulf & Southern Mortgage can show you opportunities you may have never dreamed!


CMPS [Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist]

Ed Jolly
Just a quick note to wish you and yours a Very Happy New Year! I hope this next year is a great one for you! It feels odd not being in daily contact any longer and I sure hope I haven’t heard the last from you as we move forward in our lives. I want to again, sincerely, thank you and your staff for EVERYTHING y’all did for us, and ESPECIALLY for your friendship and council OUTSIDE of our ‘business’ transactions…you are a good friend and I will always appreciate everything you did! Take care and please stay in touch! Ed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Florida Mortgage expert ! Using our Borrow Smart System, we will show you some options and help you understand what the best home loan is for you and your family.