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Michael J. Panarelli
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Get to Know Michael J. Panarelli

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        Building Systems Inc.,

                                             Funding & Investments Division

                                        Consultants for Hard Money loans

                                               Email: bldngsys@aol.com

           Office: 508.823.0035,     Fax: 508.823.1011,     Cell: 508.889.1574


Mission Statement:


Building Systems Inc., Funding & Investments Division is a registered corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Under the Funding & Investments Division we are operating as Commercial Mortgage Brokers/Consultants for Hard Money Loans and are the Intermediates between the lender and the client.

We are not the direct funding source for these Commercial Real Estate Loans. The funding for these Commercial loans is provided through our network of third-party commercial lenders. We do not fund residential mortgage loans.


Loss of valuable time is minimized by providing our clients the required qualification documents, walking them through the process, and establishing a quick determination of the feasibility of their request. In a nutshell, we engage in the discovery of opportunities and resources that best fit the needs of our client’s, make adjustments based on the evolving market conditions, support them through the decision making process, and coordinate with all required parties as required to hopefully close the deal.


Also we offer other Realtors, Commercial Mortgage Brokers, Commercial Bankers, Real Estate Developers, CPA’s, etc., the opportunity to work with us as Independent Contractors. As they bring us quality/completed deals that close we work out an acceptable commission.


We are presently working with associates that have over 20 year of experience in lending Hard Money, and together we have access to more than 160 funding sources, with Billions of dollars to lend. We encouragement individuals on the conventional side of lending who may have clients/loans which did not close to bring them to us. Possibly we may be able to resurrect that client and close that loan on the unconventional side with private funding sources.  


Building Systems inc., Funding & Investments Division will consider income-producing properties and non-income producing properties. Properties types include, but are not limited to the following:


Property Types:


Apartment Complexes Retail/Shopping/Strip Malls Mixed Use Properties Industrial Complexes Office Buildings Hotels/Motels Medical Centers Golf Courses Nursing Homes Mobile Home Parks Town House Developments






Typical Lending Criteria:


Loan Types:






Land Purchase



Loan Size:                     $350,000 to $300,000,000.00

Region:                         National, International

Interest Rates:               9% to 18%, Interest only, per annum, (Vary depending on collateral)

Fee/Points:                   2% to 10%

Exit Fees:                     May be required

Terms:                          6 months to 5 Years

Due Diligence:               1/2% to 3%

Loan to Value:               No greater than 50% to 75% of the value, depending on the  

Prepayment:                  Some programs have no lockout or prepayment penalties, however,      

other Programs may not permit payment within the first six months to a year.

Borrower:                      Loans are made to Corporations or LLC’s only.

Third Party Reports        Required, related costs paid by borrower.


NOTE:  Rates, terms, and other guidelines are subject to change without notice and will vary according to the

             specific type and qualification of the property and the borrower.



Helpful information:


Commonly asked question, what is hard money??


Hard Money/Private Loans are funds that are not encumbered by extensive regulations or processes that are used by government-backed conventional loans. Hard Money/Private Loans are made attractive by the fact that they close very quickly, have few obstacles, and provide a very quick exchange of funds.


Basic Approach / Requirements for Hard Money:


The current market conditions and state of the economy that exists today has affected Private Lending along with most everything else in the financial market place today. As a result corporations like Building Systems Inc. Funding & Investments Division, that are engaged in the business of Commercial Mortgage Brokering/Consulting need to stay abreast of changing conditions on a day by day basis.

Here are three basic elements that most all private funding sources want today. If you are able to supply these the chances of your loan being funded increase tremendously:


1).        The dollar amount of their own funds the borrower brings to the closing table, and does it in fact reflect the required Loan to Value (LTV) of the loan. Collateral also considered.

2).        The borrower needs to demonstrate their ability to pay the loan during its term.

3)         The borrower needs a well thought out Exit Strategy to get out of the loan. This strategy should be backed up with some type of tangible proof, this is very important to the lender. They are not in the business of foreclosing and owning properties.




The Organization:



Michael J. Panarelli, President

Northeastern University, Boston, Ma, Mechanical Engineering, Wentworth Institute, Boston, Mechanical Engineering, MA, GTE Government Systems, Specialized Business Training, Bristol County Vocational, Construction Supervisors License.


Mr. Panarelli obtained his higher level education in the evenings after working all day. In the corporate world he worked his way up into management where he was a Program Manager for eight years of the total fifteen years he spent in the corporate world. One example of his accomplishments was at GTE Government Systems, he managed a $350,000,000.00 sub-contract for the United States Army. Despite the vast complexities of this particular project, i.e. development, manufacturing, and field coordination and deployment, Mr. Panarelli brought it in within cost and schedule, and as a result Mr. Panarelli received a Superior Performance Award directly from the Unites States Army.


After this Mr. Panarelli started his own contracting and real estate development business, which he ran successfully for 15 years. Today he applies his extensive business knowledge, management ability, and building/real estate development experience to Building Systems Inc. Funding & Investments Division, which is a division of Building Systems Inc. Today as the CEO of this corporation he is involved in the evaluation of loans, organization and presentation of the appropriate loan documents along with a business prospectus of loans, which often he writes or rewrites, so that once presented to the funding source it maintains a level of professionalism that will captured their attention and interest. Along with all of this Mr. Panarelli supports his clients, and represents their best interest to the lenders.



Molly Thompson, Vice President

University of California, Irvine, Irvine CA, graduated Phi Beta Kappa with an MA and BA. as an undergraduate, ranked # 2 out of a class of 2000 students. Horizon’s Computer Learning Center, New Windsor Ct., graduated with her A+ Certification in computer hardware and software.


Molly’s has obtained extensive experience in Real Estate Development, Investments, and Construction, for the last nine years serving as a principal partner in Building Systems Inc. Molly’s responsibilities consisted of business operations in a modular contracting business where she managed the finances, Internet marketing and advertising, computer aided designs, setup, troubleshooting and maintenance of all hardware/software while resolving manufacturer errors, customer complaints and quality control issues. Her ability to excel in each of these areas is indicative of her versatility, drive and high intelligence.


Today, at BSI, FID, she is applying her knowledge of construction, permitting, and land development in the support of BSI, FID clients. Because of her experience, she easily understands the issues investors face when they are involved in different aspects of real estate, business development, and investing.




Full Service Consultants for Hard Money Loans, over twenty years of experience brought to the table. Also Looking for Loan Originators to work with us