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Pauline Donnelly
Real Estate Coach
location_on Boston, MA
Get to Know Pauline Donnelly

Pauline is originally from the UK and has called Boston home since 1993. Pauline's early career was in education, training and consulting.

In 2004, Pauline began her career in real estate with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. With no previous real estate experience, Pauline quickly built her business from the ground up and within two years was the top-producing agent in the Beacon Hill office of Coldwell Banker.

Within two more years she was selling more real estate in Beacon Hill than any other agent in the city.

Pauline knows what it is like to begin a business from nothing, she has intimate experience with the challenges of working 7-day weeks, balancing work and life, and managing a team of professionals.

Before moving away from the brokerage side of the industry, Pauline worked as sales manager for three of Coldwell Banker’s offices, overseeing operations and production for more than 100 sales agents. It was during this time that Pauline recognized the dramatic impact of coaching for her agents.


Pauline truly believes that an investment in coaching is an investment in business growth and success. Pauline attributes her own success to hard work, and to a singular desire to discover and utilize her au (...)

In working with Pauline, I quickly realized my instant appreciation for her professional approach. Pauline has been the ultimate coach. She not only listens, she also hears what you are saying. She brings a perspective that empowers, not encumbers. You will leave a coaching session with Pauline feeling mentally organized and confident, both professionally and personally.
Pauline is a skilled listener, intuitive questioner, caring, supportive and encouraging while nurturing a self-guided process of growth. She has demonstrated that she not only has great training but she has an ideal natural skill set for coaching. For me, a real estate professional, her experience in my field is icing on the cake. Coaching is the best gift you can give yourself!
I can say without a doubt that Pauline was meant to be a coach. Her positive energy and trustworthiness allowed me to talk to her candidly about my challenges. She led me through my thoughts and helped me come to some key realizations that specific types of self-doubt were standing in my way to success. She helped me break through that self-doubt and I walked away feeling confident and energized… She helped me see things from a different perspective and I'm so grateful for the effect her coaching has had on my career development and continued success.
Pauline has a gift for reframing circumstances in such a way that allows me to gain greater insight into what is getting in the way of my success, and what actions I can take to combat any barriers. She is patient, supportive, insightful, intelligent, an excellent listener, and very action oriented. Pauline has an amazing way of bringing out my confidence and inner motivation. She pushes me to step out of my comfort zone and excel at whatever goals I set.

I am a former top producing real estate agent now running a successful real estate coaching business. My unique coaching technique will take your business from good to great. Let me be your coach!