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Elizabeth Schandorf
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The joy of a business transaction is centered on making a good deal. That is why I chose to be "The Commission Bargain Realtor". Rarely will you find a realtor who is willing to negotiate his commissions. 

With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Religious Studies, an author and a poet, Elizabeth like most people did not hesitate to venture into the career of her dream; Real Estate. Being born into the real estate family with her father being a real estate surveyor and owning a company in real estate, two of her elder siblings graduated from universities with degrees in real estate industry. Subsequently, knowledge of real estate business was an out of hand information for Elizabeth.

Highly innovative and business minded, she began real estate with the idea that people should be openly given the chance to bargain on real estate commission rates. The joy of a business transaction is centered on making a good deal. Hence her popular jargon "The Commission Bargain Realtor". This is the slogan that attracted people of all classes, mainly because, she lived up to her missions and visions. Her business essence is a classic combination of excellence and a true warmness of heart that causes her to be flexible to all classes of people since all pockets are never the same. she says;

" I refuse to keep my clients in the rigid box of commission rates. I like to be flexible because everyone is different. By virtue of this, I automatically earn the loyalty and trust of my clients because they are convinced that I am not in business only for their money but with a deeper sense of helping people become happy and satisfied. This is what I call, 'doing business with a big heart'. And when one client is really happy with me ( which is often the case), he refers me to another and then to another. This is what keeps me in business. This is satisfaction."


I specialize in;

·         Multi-Family

·         Retail

·         Land

·         Business Opportunities