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Get to Know Joseph A. Stogrin

With over 15 years of Auction experience I am the one you are looking for to sell your Parcel.  A graduate from The World Wide College of Auctioneering, where I was  taught by over twenty professional auctioneers. Each one of them had their own way to auction and told us their thoughts.  Using theirs and my own knowledge I am ready to sell your next property with an auction. I am working for you the seller and going to do my best to get top dollar for the land. Give me a call and we can have lunch and a free quote.


A sale of property could take months or could take years. Selling with an auction you can sell it on specific date, do the paper work including setting a closing date of usually 1 month after the auction date. You are finished. You get your property sold and you move on with the top dollar that the property is worth. With listings in all the local papers you have thousands of people looking at the date of the auction. They will if they see something they like go and look at the parcel. After looking it is a yes or no. I want it or I don't want it. There are not always a lot of bidders at the auction for Houses and land, but the 10- 20 that show are all there to buy the parcel for sale. That is what you want and you will get top dollar for the piece that is up for sale. That is what I want to do for you.  I will sell it and you will get top dollar.

Being on active rain I have told you about the Real Estate aspect. There is a lot more different types of auctions that I can do for you or a friend. If you know of something else that may need to be sold, (ie. automobile, farm, cattle, antiques, charity auctions, or fund raising) yourself or know of anyone needing an auctioneer, please feel free to give me a call. Once again a chat on the phone for any questions would be a great start. If things go good, we'll have a lunch together to talk in person to see if an auction is indeed what you would like. I can't wait to hear from you because I love my job, and I love working for the people.

 For all the other people here I thought I would let you know how my financial plan works. Should anyone send a referral my way suggesting they auction their property. I will split the profits 50/50. This is in common with you getting 50/50 on the % that you decide to charge your customer if you sell with help from another Realtor. If I didn't get the business from you I wouldn't have any profits. So it is only fair that I do split the profits 50/50 once the land is sold.


With Real Estate selling as good as it is now, you can sell it to the highest offer. Who's to say the second or third offer wouldn't have been more? I can tell you ! "The highest Bid" at the auction!