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Little Joe's Auctions has a new listing. On the 20th of June 2008, I will be auctioning of the contents of a tv repair business, and then the Property and Building in the business area of down town Arborg.  The building has 2800 sq/ft on a lot with 50 foot frontage and 110 deep. It has a 600 amp ...
It wasn't Real Estate being sold but Cowboys being rented. There were 14 Cowboys auctioned off for four hours of labour at a fund raiser.You could get the Cowboy to do what ever  you wanted as long as it was legal.  It went 10X better then the hosts  had figured. I asked how much they figured the...
I have a potential seller of a nice house on 1.5 acres of land. The property is facing south on a provincial HWY. There is also a paved driveway going n/s that leads to a lot the north of thier lot that is owned by the Hwy Dept. This paved drive is for the lot to the North and it is owned by the ...
For some reason the address I gave you for the article has changed from one to another. The new one for the same article is is just a little plug of the work I love to do. I may have a new auction coming up. I will find out this w...
After an hour long interview with the local reporter, I got a clip in the paper! This is the location for you should you wish to read up on it. Any questions on Auctioning your property feel free to call me  Joe 204-664-5272Thanks
To let you know ahead of time before it is out in the paper, I thought I would type it here... I am selling all the equimpent , part, machinery on the John Deere dealer in town. I will also be selling the building and property at 2pm that day. I will have the date and all info coming up soon... I...
 I just recently opened up !  I am new to the web site design and was wondering what you all think I should have on my home page. I have info on the other pages but I need your help with ideas on what to put on the home page. I could pay a web master, but I figu...
Just recently I was looking at Jason Smiths page ( ) and noticed some good notes and advantages of auctioning a parcel of land. I like them so much that I asked Jason to use some of his notes on my page. He replied with, anything you want to use you can ...
Marty was my next favorite down the list of instructors at the World Wide College of Auctioneering. He was straight to the point and did a great job being a critic. Giving out constructive criticism is the best way for the student to learn. Not to harsh that they don't want to work at the school ...
Hello everyone, I have opened a site for fellow graduates of the World Wide College of Auctioneering and it seem to be going very well. There is a lot of info on how the other are doing using there Auction skills. Getting new business is always the hardest part. Once people see the work you can d...

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