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Kevin Cordell
Kevin Cordell
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Madison Management Services, LLC focuses on servicing non-performing notes for private investors, nationwide. Specializing in servicing and loss mitigation for non-performing loans , Madison Management Services provides professional loan servicing, asset management, loss mitigation, and REO management to holders of residential mortgages. We create value for investors and consumers while preserving home ownership. We support an environment of the highest standards, fostering ethical personal and business practices.


We focus on preserving home ownership by working out win-win solutions between the borrower and the investor.  We have special expertise in working junior liens, since that is how I learned and got into the business of servicing and borrower work outs.  We are licensed or authorized to service loans or collect on non-performng debt in about 35 states.  You can visit our website for a complete list at


Founder, Owner, President of Madison Management Services, LLC.