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Some personal information about me:  Though I'm not a native of Louisiana, I consider this my home.  We are originally from California.  My husband and I have lived in this area for 8 years.  We came here through the Air Force.  Barksdale Air Force Base was our last assignment.  We loved the area so much we decided to stay.  We have three wonderful sons.  I love to read, exercise, and look at houses.  Part of the reason I love being a real estate agent is gathering decorating ideas from homes that I've shown.  There are many creative home owners out there -- and I appreciate them all!

My passion for real estate is found in helping people.  Without happy clients, I would have changed professions.  My goal with each and every client is to help them get all that they want and to provide them an experience that they can smile about.  I won't be ashamed to admit that most of my clients and I form a friendship.  I delight in healthy relationships and smooth transactions.  Any buyer can buy a home and any realtor can sell a home, but not every client - agent relationship lasts longer than the transaction.  Because these are my beliefs and values, my work eithic must be top of the line.  I will not establish lasting relationships if I am afraid to follow up with them because I did not provide the best service.  I'm old school for sure.  I look back to the days when most business relationships lasted for generations, i.e. the family doctor, the family accountant, or the family insurance agent.  There is something wonderful about business relationships that are so trustworthy that they grow with each family member.  I'd like to be the family realtor.  I'd love for my clients to call me and ask me to help their children.  That would be the best reward I could receive from my business.  The Rookie of the Year award I received for my office pales to the thank you cards I receive from my clients.  I believe by keeping my focus on families and people, I will never fail to give them honorable service and peace of mind. 

I'm a researcher by nature. I research before I buy most things.  I like to know that I am getting the best deal or that I'm not missing out on something.  I like knowing all the facts.  I feel I make better decisions when I have all the facts.  When helping my clients, I will provide them with as much information as possible.  My clients appreciate this service.   It helps them come to an informed decision and eliminates those nagging doubts that make purchasing or selling a home stressful. 

I work for my clients.  I honor the trust my clients place in my expertise, but I keep in mind that I work for them.  I serve them as I would any employer.  I know they appreciate the respect I give to them and their family.

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I'm a buyer's specialist.  I tend to do most of my business in Bossier City.  A lot of my clients are Air Force personnel that want to be in Bossier City.  I am familiar with the schools and neighborhoods.  I know the areas very well.  Most of my past clients live in Bossier City and they keep me informed of new things or any changes that may be occuring.  I keep up to date with the latest mortgage promotions.  I do not work with just one lender but many so that I have knowledge of as many financing options for my clients as I can.  Everyone loves options. 

My husband is also a realtor who works mostly with sellers.  Together we make a great team.  This is a great asset to our clients.  If I cannot be available, my husband can and vice versa.  This provides our clients with great service.  And unlike other teams where agents have to negotiate the help or assistance of another agent, my husband knows my clients from day one and knows the value I place on them and their needs.  His service isn't lessened in any way. 

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