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I am part of a real estate team with over 26 years of experience. Recently ranked in the top 5% of realtors in Contra Costa and Alameda county, we use cutting-edge technology and internet marketing, as well as tried and true traditional marketing and networking to sell our client’s homes. We educate our clients about which factors may affect the sale of their home, and we always price in a way that to ensures the widest buyer pool possible. We are available 7 days per week and have deep expertise working with first time homebuyers and veterans. My appraisal background gives us an in-depth understanding of current market trends across the Bay Area, which allows us to accurately determine the absolute best sales price for your home. We will take the headache out of buying or selling a home!”

We also specialize in working with Veterans and VA Loans.One of our recent VA sales was in January 2018. Working with his wife we were able to get into contract a week after returning from a year long deployment in the Middle East.

It's critical for military borrowers to use an agent who's worked with VA loans and understands the program's requirements. Agents who can maneuver through the agency's procedures can save borrowers from big-time hassles and headaches on things like appraisals and property criteria.

Since the VA loan program's inception in 1944, the Department of Veterans Affairs has backed more than 21 million loans for veterans, active-duty military members, and their spouses. This program has made buying a home more accessible to those who most deserve the American dream they helped build and protect.



This is a copy of the letter I wrote Simon & David for the outstanding job they did in representing my wife and me in selling our house in Concord: Thank you very much for what I consider one of the best jobs of representing a client I have seen in my 35 year real estate career. When my wife and I told friends and family that we were selling our house, they knew I was an experienced real estate professional who has done literally thousands of deals in my career. Many asked if I was going to list our own house. "No," I explained, "Even though I am a licensed real estate broker, selling houses is not my expertise so instead I am hiring the best local professional I can find.". I could tell from the facial expression on many of their faces that they didn't understand. Like many people, they viewed paying a commission a big dollar outlay that should be minimized. I don't look at that way at all. My perspective is totally different: whom do you want working for you: some discount brokerage guy who works in an office cube hundreds of miles away or a local expert who understands the nuances of your market? I often wonder if the guys who pick the discount broker also bid out their surgery and go with the cheapest surgeon. After living in my house in the East Bay for sixteen years, I knew first hand picking local experts made a huge difference as I had observed some of my former neighbors who were moving selected their aunt or former Little League coach as their real estate agents and then, in my opinion, left tens of thousands of dollars on the table when they sold the house because that particular agent, although triple nice, didn't understand the subtlety of selling houses in our particular subdivision. I am pretty sure these agents analyzed the market by lumping all the houses in a given zip code together and compare one to another. This is Zillow's approach and it can yield very misleading results. While that approach might work some places, it was not an accurate way to evaluate pricing iin our sub-market. I wanted a knowledgable local real expert but I struggled finding the right team of agents to hire. I considered the high volume agents but in looking at their history of sales, I concluded that the reason they did so much business was because they under-priced the property. They committed what I consider one of the cardinal sins of client representation: doing what's easy for them instead of what's right for the client. In short, these high volume agent teams were as bad getting the best price and terms as the zip code lumping agents. I was really floundering with my selection as our move date approached. Finally, I asked of my former associates with whom I used to work who had sold his house and moved out of the area. He was an experienced real estate professional, but, like me, in the commercial/industrial field. He knew good real estate people nonetheless so I valued his opinion. His answer on whom I should talk to was surprising: not the guys who represented him but the team who represented his Buyer. This team, of course, was you! He was very impressed by your knowledge of the local market, your ability to negotiate, your thorough preparation, and your follow-through. At the end of our successful transaction, I felt the same way. On our particular deal, what really impressed me was how you represented us. When we agreed out our listing price which we both thought was a bit of a stretch on the top end of the market, it would have been easy for you to sell our house for the listing price. My wife and I would have been happy with that result. However, you coaxed a significantly higher offer from one of your colleagues in your own office that was so much higher that you not only paid for your share of the commission, you put extra money in our pocket. In other words, if I had listed the my own house and sold it myself, I would have been worse off financially than having used your team. Wow! In summary, if you want to get the team of the best local professionals in the East Bay, you can't do better than David Zabarte and Simon Watson. They will work hard on your behalf to get you the best result possible when selling or buying property.
John D
What do you say about the person who steered you towards your first home? Simon saved me (a first time buyer) from myself: I put an offer in on a house and after three days of waiting, the sellers accepted an all cash offer. I wanted to put an offer in on another home, but the renovations would have ruined me with the asking price, I found a third home and they did not like my financing terms. I thought that the last minute calls at work for faxed documents, homes with fatal flaws, and bidding wars were embellished for tv: I then stepped into the real world. Simon was prepared. Had I bottomed out. 0 for 3 in less than a month? Simon told me the hard truths whether I liked it or not: he is like an old friend. Simon was always polite and still made difference between my getting some house and getting my home! Listen to him and be patient...That is my best advice. There was a listing at 6:00 am on a Sunday. I was at work but Simon went to check it out without me. Simon and I discussed it, "I think you will love this house. It has everything you were looking for, but you've got to get down here today and make a move on it. I think it's going to move fast." I got off work and checked it out. It was my home...and I had to have it. I called Simon and there were already three offers one (@!&*) day! I asked him for advice and we went in strong....we went in strong and won! I don't regret a thing. I saw and bid on 4 homes in a month and have no to which one was right for me (in retrospect). Simon gave me the right advice....Simon acted quickly and at the right time...Simon knew what I liked....I got MY HOME....and that is why he gets five stars....
Karim B
Simon is a fantastic Real Estate Agent. He is patient, honest, smart, responsive, and always flexible. He helped my wife and I find the perfect home last year. He's one of the rare RE agents that looks out for his clients' best interests. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home in Contra Costa County!
Kenny E
My wife and I were buying our first home and we were glad to have Simon by our side. Simon was very knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely had our best interests in mind. He made sure that no question went unanswered and was available day and night. We could not have asked for a better experience.
Anwar H
I was ready to buy my first home, so I reached out to Simon and his partner David Zabarte. They were extremely professional and timely in their communication and paid extreme attention to detail. They explained the process every step of the way and were extremely patient, even when I was not. They helped me find my perfect home and worked to coordinate all inspections for me and worked with the lender to make sure that they had all necessary paperwork in order to close before my move in date. I would highly recommend Simon and David to any first time home buyers!
Chris H
Sorry if this review is posted twice. We were having "technical difficulties." We have just had the pleasure of working with Simon, on our recent purchase for a townhouse, in Benicia. We are older folks and integrity matters to us... Simon is the "real deal." Simon was knowledgeable, patient and forthright, with pointing out flaws or issues in the numerous properties we looked at. Above all, he wanted us to be happy.... We are beyond delighted, with our recent purchase. Simon is diligent, patient and will go the "extra mile," whenever you need it. We would refer him to anyone, in a heartbeat. THANK YOU SIMON!!!!
Simon is a top agent! He represents his clients with incredible integrity and due diligence. If anything comes up during the transaction, Simon is always willing to jump in and solve the issue with a great, positive attitude! Thank you for all your help Simon!
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel
We love Simon Watson! We thought things would be all simple but Simon walked us through the buying process with gentleness and ease..laughing through the entire process. He knows exactly what price you should offer and how to make that offer. He will show you which properties to consider and steer you away from those that would be a waste of your time. He is very honest. If you can listen and hear great guidance he is willing to give it to you. He knows a lot of folks in the Area from realtors to mortgage brokers. You can't go wrong with Simon. Again, we loved him.
Sue F
Simon Watson is as good as it gets. He is the most industrious intelligent real estate agent, you will ever find. If he is helping you search for your home, you have the BEST working on your behalf. He is hyper observant, has great follow-through, will go the extra hundred miles on your behalf. He stuck with us through dozens of home visits, pointing out things so we would not miss them, and gave us suggestions to think about that hadn't crossed our minds. He made extra calls to help us check on possible problems, and was instrumental in getting our closing done in a timely manner. It would not have happen if not for Simon's persistence. If Simon is not your realtor, you should give him a call immediately. You will be so glad that you did.
Sue S
Simon, I want to thank you so much for all your help and kindness in getting me through a very emotional and stressful time in getting my house sold.I am so grateful I was able to work you and David, you are both terrific. You could always make me laugh with your witty sense of humour, you say the funniest things. Thank you Simon for everything
Dylan And Mariana E
My fiance and I were first time home buyers, not knowing much of the home buying process. We decided to go with Simon Watson as our Realtor, he went through every single detail with us and was very helpful every step of the way. Having Simon on our side was a plus as he is extremely knowledgeable in the field. His experience and patience shows, teaching us the ins and outs of buying a home. He was always available to see homes on very short notice and had good comments/tips to offer, Simon is very easy to talk to and pleasant to work with. We love our home and can definitely see ourselves working with him again. If you read this thanks again Simon Dylan And Mariana E.
Randi H.
If you're looking for an ethical, honest, dedicated Realtor, Simon is your man! His patience and determination to help me and my husband find our first home was unbelievable! When you work with Simon, you know you are getting a Realtor who puts your needs and wants above all else and won't stop until you achieve your dream. In addition to explaining every step in the process, both before and during escrow, he also takes the extra step to work directly with your lender to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. I can't even count the many hours he spent with us driving around the East Bay looking at houses before we finally found one we loved! Simon is absolutely amazing! Do yourself a big favor, take the stress out of buying/selling in the real estate market and work with Simon. You will be so glad you did!
Nek P.
Mr. Simon Watson should be Saint Simon for his patience in helping us find, negotiate and close on a house we bought in Oakland during Spring, 2013. It was a fixer in a short sale that involved two mortgage holders. Communications and negotiations had to include all the parties who had to agree on each step. There were multiple inspections as well and each required scheduling among the same large group. When the inspections found a significant issue, Simon helped us resolve it satisfactorily. Somehow Simon kept everything together while counseling us on strategy to keep our bid on top. The purchase ended happily and the fixer is getting fixed. We recommend Saint Simon Watson to be your real estate agent, too.
Details Simon is a five star agent! Simon Watson is an excellent real estate agent. He went above and beyond his duties negotiating a great deal for us to be able to buy our house. He tirelessly took us to see many houses over a six month period of time, on short notice and gave us his honest feedback on fair offers to make to purchase our dream home. He is an extremely ethical and diligent agent who is more interested in providing excellent customer service and fair and honest representation than just "closing the deal." We were not used to this type of service from other real estate agents. He does his due diligence in identifying flaws and potential hazards/risks in the properties that he shows his clients. Simon is a five star agent!
Simon is the very best you could ever ask for, in the world of buying and selling a home. He has the highest Integrity and is truly an expert in his field. He is consistent, reliable and observant. He is personable and invests in your cause with all his attention and inventiveness. You cannot help but get a great outcome working with Simon. He will see that what you desire to accomplish gets done, in the best time possible. He goes the extra mile on your behalf
Mr. Simon Watson is the Best agent we have met in a long time of my house searching, especially for his efficiency, focus to the point of customer´s interests, and professional integrity. Buying house is a headache painful and timely-sensitive. We felt lucky to have Mr. Watson´s assistance, in a short time, were able to purchase the house that we love much. I am impressed and highly recommend Mr. Simon Watson.
Frank V.
My wife and I got off to a good start with Simon when our daughter, living in Oakland, contacted him to show her a couple of houses for us while we were living in New York. He took the time to do so without ever meeting us or talking to us. Our daughter was impressed with him so when we came to visit the area we met with Simon on her recommendation. Simon really listened and understood as we talked through our concerns about selling in New York and moving here. He always kept our needs in mind and stayed in constant touch with us when we went back to New York. Two and a half months later we sold our house and moved here into a hotel and put our furniture into storage. Simon was dedicated to getting us into the right home and showed us many houses. We could always count on Simon to point out the best features as well as the undesirable aspects of the houses, making sure we wouldn't be tempted to settle on something just because we wanted to get into a house. We had confidence in his choices. He was knowledgable about the areas where he showed us houses and always pointed out things of interest, shopping, main roads, etc. Simon was a valuable advisor as to real estate laws, especially since things are very different here than in New York. He worked hard for us and he was reliable, dedicated and dependable. Simon found a home for us that is exactly what we described when we first met him. We would highly recommend Simon Watson.
Missing B.
I happend to find Simon Watson during an open house., and he turned out to be the most patient and dedicated agent you could imagine. He helped me to find my house after a year of looking. He never gave up, even when I thought my search was a lost cause. Simon was also skilled at closing as well as supportive with the paperwork. I would also say that Mr Watson is very honest. I could always count on him to give me his straight opinion, which I trusted. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Watson
A dedicated Realtor who went above our expectations! Simon went above and beyond during our home search process and was with us every step of the way. He gave us honest feedback on homes we´d seen on line and patiently took us to look at houses for about 6 months before we found the home of our dreams. He responded quickly to all of my anxious emails and was honest and supportive with us as we struggled through a long and tiring shortsale purchase. In the end, Simon got us the house we wanted and negotiated a better deal that we could have bargained worth the wait! I definitely would recommend Simon and would use him again if the need arises!

Top Realtor- Zillow, Google & Yelp.No 1 Realtor in Bay Area* (According to my Wife & my Kids*)