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Get to Know Burt Milburn


Burt Milburn is a very experienced flooring professional.  His father had a flooring business for many years.  When his father retired in 1998, Burt took over the business.  Before taking over his father's business he owned a flooring business in Washington State.  In addition to his flooring experience, Burt worked in occupational safety and health for twenty years.  The most common work-related injuries result from slips, trips, and falls.  Many of those injuries occur as the result of poor flooring condtions.  The same is true in homes.  Many injury accitdents in homes occur when people fall on slippery floors in kithchens and bathrooms.  While working in occupational safety and health, Burt became a Registered Professional Engineer (Safety Engineering) and he became a Certified Safety Professional.

To provide excllent products and services for our customers, Burt has created a network of three family-owned full-service flooring stores serving the San Franciso Bay Region.  Each store has been in business formore than 15 years.  The stores are licensed and bonded to install all types of residential and commercial flooring materials.  Each store has a set of very experience flooring installers.  By having the resources of three stores available, we are able to provide a wider range of products than is typically available in any one store.  In addition, we are able to respond quickly to requests for products and/or services.



Our team members have provided flooring materials and installation services for many types of residences, commercial facilities, institutional, and governmental buildings. 

Residential experiences include every type from mansions down to low-income apartments.  The residential flooring materials installed include carpets (nylon, wool, PET, etc.), hardwoods, laminates, sheet vinyl and vinyl planks/squares, bamboo, cork, tiles (stone, ceramic, porcelain, etc.), VCT, linoleum (marmoleum), etc.  In addtion to installing new floors, the installers are able to make many repairs, to restretch existing carpet, and to sand and finish wood floors.  We have also installed residential flooring materials in mobile homes, motorhomes, vans, patios, and boats.

Commercial projects have included numerous offices, restaurants, and stores.  When providing flooring materials and installation services flor operating businesses, we minimize the impact on the ongoing operations.  For example, when replacing the carpet in a large law firm, we installed the new commercial carpet on three consecutive Saturdays.  The attorneys were able to work until 5 PM on Fridays.  After 5 PM a moving company came in and moved the furniture out of the affected areas. We installed the carpet on Saturday.  Then, the moving company cam back on Sunday and returned the furniture to the offices.  The attorneys were able to resume working early Monday morning.

Governmental and institutional projects have included offices, corridors, shop floors, health care facilities, nursing homes, churches, etc.


We solve flooring problems! When possible, we make repairs. When new materials are required, we can provide any type of flooring materials. We feature a Shop at Home or Office service.