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Get to Know Natalie Danielson

Enthusiastic" is the one word used most often to describe Natalie Danielson.  She has a contagious energy, moves her audience to awe or tears, and has a laugh heard round the world.  She is looked to for her depth of knowledge of the real estate industry from risk reduction to marketing to ownership issues.  As one of the most entertaining real estate instructors, she has a memorable reputation.   She has kept real estate agents out of court and kept others marketing themselves to successfully soar.  She does specialize in DESPERATION.... so go to her website if you want/need clockhours NOW!  Email her with questions!


Natalie is a dynamite speaker and trainer.  She captures the audience in the palm of her hand and doesn't let them go til time runs out.  It is like a carnival ride with so much information passing by that the audience is grabbing for the bits as they quickly pass by.

Natalie travels throughout Washington State teaching real estate classes.  If you want her to come to your neck of the woods... just email her right away and set up a time!

She stays on the top of the industry attending the Department of Licensing Real Estate Commission meetings quarterly since 1993.  In fact, she has been in the audience more than anyone else in decades.... most of the time one of the only people representing the real estate community at these open public meetings that make a difference to every licensee.  From new legislation to broker infractions, she knows what is happening in our real estate world in Washington State! 

Natalie was the first to write online real estate classes in Washington State.  After a dispute between the webmaster and the investor the classes died.  But, they were BORING anyway... so she went on to write correspondence classes.  You can just download classes in pdf files onto your computer, read the information, print out the quiz and snail mail it to Natalie for clockhours.  It is easy and so affordable.  Her website is visited every hour by real estate agents craving to learn new information.

Natalie and her company, Professional Direction, specialize in "DESPERATION."  So if you are in need of clockhours, contact her immediately!

format_quote Professional Direction has over 60 real estate classes, over 200 instructors, and, Natalie, who is on the leading edge of real estate education! Want CLOCKHOURS now? Contact her