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 Been there done that!!! Farm and Ranch raised and worked for the Bureau of Land Management 5 years as an operator general. 34 Years experience in Real Estate - Development - Residential -  Farm - Ranch - 1031 Exchanges and exchanges with the U.S government.

I understand Au's, Aum's, carrying capacity,  water rights, GPM's, Cfs, acre  Feet,  and Lift.

I am basically  Conservative and think that both political parties are destroying our country and we will loose our freedoms if we don't get off our butts and get involved!!!!!!!!!! I am against the North American Union, SPP Agreement, Unfair trade agreements One World Government and amnesty for illegals that are in this country. I don't give a dam if other countries like us, as long as they respect us. I am for made in Idaho, made in the USA, and labeling of origin is a must.

Lets let the baseball players take care of their drug problem and the schools take care of Bowl play off and congress needs to stop the 1.4 billion dollar fence on the south border of Mexico. The Government (BLM) spends $50,000,000 a year on the wild horse program!!!! What a waste of money!!!!!

Real estate education is a must and designations show the accomplishments of those taking classes. I have taken numerous classes over the years-Farm and land Institute- Linguistics - Land Development - legal - Finance and had a securities license, but there is no substitute for experience.


I am a native to Cassia County and have delt with all aspects of the Real Estate business. I have been liscensed since 1974 and have delt with cliants all through Northern Utah and Southern Idaho.