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My childhood was pretty interesting and although at times it didn't have much to do with Real Estate, I believe that our back ground is what forms our beliefs and strengths as adults....I am a second generation Realtor, and through my life I have been exposed to REAL ESTATE as a daily conversation, Robert Kiyasaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, was a house hold name, and playing Rat Race or Monopoly were the family games of choice.

Here is a glimpse into my back ground which without I feel I would be a very different person.

I was born in South Africa and by the time I hit my 5 th birthday I had spent 6 months in Bombay, 1 year in Mauritius, 3 years between Cape town, Cato-ridge and Johannesburg South Africa.

At 5 years old we moved to Vancouver where we spent 1 year, my kindergarten :D then packed up and moved to Kingston Ontario for 3 years where both my parents worked as Realtors in the late 80's. Soon my fathers travel bug bit again and we moved.... at the time my father left his 40 active listings to an associate at his RE/MAX office.

We then spent 1 year in Montreal where I turned 10 years old and interestingly enough spent a year in a strict Catholic school, although I was not catholic it was the most bilingual school in our area.

In the early 1990's my family moved to West Bengal, India with one way tickets and a 5 year Visa my parents started a girls school in the local villiage 50 Kilometers from the Bangladesh border on the Ganges river. My grade 5 started in a Mud hut, with no electricity or running water. The next 5 years of my life where an adventure to say the least :) we enjoyed our afternoons swimming in the river Ganga and riding our bicycles...eating fresh mangoes and lychee's while walking through the free roaming cows!

My family has had a history of travel ...and to this day my father can't stay in one city any longer then 5 years ....LOL

I currently have been living in Abbotsford B.C. since 2001 and have been a licensed Realtor since 2005. After spending 1 and a half year working at RE/MAX little Oak I made a career choice and joined the brand new Keller Williams Valley Realty office.

I am happy to say I have been working as a Keller Williams Realtor since they opened in the fall of 2006 and have never looked back. The profit sharing system, education and philosophy at Keller Williams is ingenious...ALL real estate offices should run their offices this way!




I live and work as a full time Realtor and Parent :) in Abbotsford B.C. Moving to the area in 2001 I have been a licensed Real Estate professional since the summer of 2005, enjoying every moment ...