Real Estate Tablet Computers Reviews

What is the best source of information about technology for real estate agents? You guessed it: other real estate agents. The National Association of Realtors, in its technology study, finds that anything that keeps agents connected, saves them time and helps them be more productive is of high value.

Tablet computers take the top spot in NAR's 2011 study. In fact, over one third of survey respondents say that they will either purchase their first tablet or upgrade to a newer model in the coming year.

Tablets give the agent immediate access to listings and the ability to share them with clients. They also provide the ability to search for listings by location, keep track of the agent's calendar, hold videos and photos; they offer agents the opportunity to provide potential clients with an electronic listing presentation and, most important, sign and upload contracts and other documents. So many of the tasks that required yesterday's agent to return to the office to complete, can now be performed on the go, from anywhere.

As with most technology, not all tablets are created equal. Some have all the bells and whistles while others include just the bare bones. So, if you're new to real estate, or considering your first tablet purchase, how will you choose? Which operating system suits your needs? Apple, Android and Windows are the biggies, but don't forget to check out Blackberry, HP and Playbook.

If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed by the choices, grab a cup of coffee and read on as your ActiveRain colleagues spread their tablet wisdom love.