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Remember virtual tours? Photos stitched together (sometimes not so seamlessly, we might add), with music in the background, were a mainstay in the real estate industry for far too long.

Video tours are the next generation for agents that use multi-media to market their listings. Sure, you can walk through your listings with your trusty video camera, stick the final product on your blog or website and call it a video tour. We can guarantee you, though, that your competition is ratcheting up the whole video tour thing a couple of notches above that.

In fact, some of the more successful agents in the country consider video tours the most effective marketing tool in their tool belt. Not only do video tours sell homes, imagine sitting down with potential clients during a listing presentation, and showing them how you market your other listings. Impressive!

Ah, but not so fast, skippy. There’s a lot more to this whole video tour stuff than hiring a videographer. If you plan on doing them yourself you’ll need the equipment and the training to properly use all that stuff. If you’ll delegate the production of your video tours, you’ll no doubt want to find a company that meets your needs at a price you can afford.

Welcome to the Video Tours section of ActiveRain’s Product Reviews. This is where you and your colleagues can discuss what works and what doesn’t in everything related to the real estate video tour.

Feel free to share your experience with video products, producers and services.

Spokane , WA
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Chantilly , VA
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Escondido , CA
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Sacramento , CA
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