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Our blog provides information to real estate professionals about hard money lending and trust deed investments opportunities. We help investors by educating them and providing them investments deals commercial or residential in California. View our blog and if you have any questions please connect with us.



Your hard money lending situation somewhat reminds me of a Goliath vs. David encounter where you are the puny David facing the know-it-all seemingly omnipotent Goliath – namely hard money lender. In this way: Hard money lenders are typically savvy, highly skilled awfully knowledgeable individuals...
Private money loans are notorious for having hidden costs.  This is not because the hard - or private money lender deliberately tries to hide those costs. It is more often because few individuals are aware of the range of fees that are involved in the hard money or private loan process.Here’s a r...
Some people are concerned about the intricacies of the hard money lending transaction wondering what is in store for them and how they’re going to manage it. The hard money lending  process has gone through  major changes over the past few years  mainly becoming  more  rigid regarding regulations...
Here’s an excellent question that hardly appears in print. And yet it’s one that most clients want to know.How do I get a hard money loan at a reasonable rate?Or others want to know how to get a cheap hard money loan. As though there was such a thing. This article explains why this is an impossib...
Some news stories are harsh on private money lenders. They depict them as avaricious grabbers who are love latching onto your property when you default. The truth is that few of us want your property. We want you to get your building and succeed and we want to be assured that we have made the rig...
Times may be good for entrepreneurs. They may work from their pajamas or wrap a computer in their bag and tap by the lake, on their veranda, on their boat, or speak to their clients while jogging or racing their mastiff. Few want to give up these schedules. They call it liberating and authentic. ...
So many first time home investors are curious about hard money lenders. What are they? What do they do? How do they differ from banks? What are their risks? Can I trust them? How do I find them?First of all, let’s run through the difference between soft and hard money. When investors talk about s...
Stated income loans work best for self-employed individuals since they allow you to apply for a mortgage based on your bank receipts or brokerage statements and on the processor (usually a private investor) understanding that since you’re self-employed your income is likely to be volatile. This r...
Times are rough and in California fewer people than ever can succeed in persuading the banks to lend them a mortgage. Others fail to convince the banks to help them invest. And then there are people who need funds for flipping or to stave off a bankruptcy or imminent foreclosure, to repay a debt...

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