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Real Estate for Realtors® covers software, education and strategies for success in today's real estate industry. I'm currently engaged as an independent marketing consultant for a number of real estate's largest technology & media firms at Tim Ventura, Digital Marketing Professional I've worked previously as the VP Marketing & Technology for Tim & Julie Harris® Real Estate Coaching I also serve as the volunteer coordinator for REO Pro, America's largest default agent network. Previously, I was the co-founder of the BPO Automation Group, the industry leader in Broker Price Opinion software with thousands of customers nationwide.
Something BIG is happening that you're going to want to participate in - the launch of "The Industry Buzz", a free monthly newsletter for REO & Default Services professionals. What makes it big? Well, for starters, it combines the knowledge & expertise of the biggest players in today's REO networ...
  Here's how it works: Just follow the step-by-step instructions below, and every time you post a new blog on ActiveRain a story summary & link will automatically appear on your Facebook & Twitter pages, and the story will also be promoted on Digg to maximize your search-engine value. BTW - If y...
Does ActiveRain work for you? This isn't rhetorical - I want your feedback! I've done a bit of research, and have my own opinions, but maybe they're way off-base, so I'd love any and all comments on your ActiveRain experience. Keep reading before leaving a comment, though, because I want to give ...
The BPO Automation Group is currently offering free trial downloads for both the popular AutoAccepter 2 and BPO Suite Pro software. We're the nation's biggest software provider for form-completion and automated order-acceptance software in the country, and thousands of agents trust our software ...
Quick story update: introduced last week, Equator, Mark to Market, and Mainstreet are NOW all functional and accepting orders for our clients. Our bulk email campaign is included below (with lots of pretty pictures  ;o)     Get more orders. Now, get Equator, Mark to Market, and Mainstreet. Click...
That’s right! Social Media Marketing (SMM) is all about creating an avalanche of new real estate buyers and sellers - and the only place to dominate your real estate market through SMM is right here at SMM Camp: Thursday December 9 from 10am to 1pm. Featuring a panel of SMM experts who will teac...
  Over 7,000 agents are already members of the free REOPro Agent Network, and the community gets larger everyday, making it the largest online community specializing in default industry news, issues, discussion, and advice.  As one of the many members of this group, I'd like to reach out to REO ...
I'm in Real Estate, but I work in software - so a lot of agents consider me "safe" to tell stories they wouldn't dare repeat in other circles. Oh boy, do I get some good ones! Lately I've been doing a lot of social networking to promote our products, and I'm hearing even more...and that's why I w...
Get more orders. Now, get Equator, Mark to Market, and Mainstreet. The BPO Automation Group is pleased to announce the release of Auto-Notification for Equator, Mainstreet, and Mark to Market, which provides you with high-speed email notification for broadcast orders and gives you an edge in acc...
 JOIN STATUSPIPE! The picture on your right is for StatusPipe, a new (free) service that I just rolled out for agents & workgroups to interact with each other and clients on real-estate projects. Does it resemble Twitter? It probably should, since StatusPipe is loosely based on the Laconia Status...

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