I think that if you don't view this economic downturn as a opportunity to remake yourself and your business your in trouble. Take 30 minutes out of your day and WATCH THIS. If you don't have time bookmark it and watch it later.  My one take away from this is to stop making excuses that you don't ...
I have been waiting so long for this (Well since December 5, 2008. As long as I've had my iPhone). Personally I think that this is huge.It's true.  If you own an iPhone, you can now interact with the ActiveRain Real Estate Network of friends and business partners from anywhere your iPhone browser...
I've been thinking about doing this but the amount of technology it would require was going to make it difficult, if not impossible. Until now...   Check out this video    
I would definitely urge you to try this out, it couldn't hurt.In March 2008, - when we released the Google Street View integration for the RealBird single property websites -, we were fortunate to be presented as one of the a case studies on one of Google's own blogs. Even better, they linked to ...
One of the downsides, or upsides depending on how you look at it, of growing up as the son of a carpenter is that I see this see all this stuff when I look at a home. I pick apart new construction, notice severly outdated things in older homes, and start deducting dollars from the price the selle...
I think that this has pros and cons. While I want to raise the standards in the industry I'm not so sure that by raising the barrier to entry we wouldn't be eliminating some very good people. It probably would have a side effect that I wouldn't mind and that is that it could potentially make NAR ...
NOT WORK SAFE Are you willing to fight this year? Are you willing to do whatever is necessary to win? I know this is about football but I think it can be applied to many things in life. I think that in this tough economy people will need to fight to survive and those that fight the hardest will n...

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