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As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant who is passionate about providing the very best real estate support, this blog will give you great information, the latest trends, tips and tools and freebies for success in your real estate business.
A Long-Term Relationship vs Short-Term SalesHow to Nurture Your Contact ListWhat does your contact list mean to you?  Is it just something you can use to promote your services? Do you use it with the sole intent of getting sales? If so, you are missing out on the incredible potential of your list...
Building a Valuable Email ListLet's talk about building a valuable email list.  Bigger Doesn't Necessarily Mean Better - Your list can have thousands of people in it. However, unless they are engaging with you or responding to your offers, it has little value.  A small list of engaged contacts wi...
3 Ways to Send Your Contacts RunningAre You Chasing Away the Contacts on Your Email List?  Even the best-intentioned email marketing plan can go awry.  It's important to know what will and won't work. Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain. Know When to Send - Releasing emails only when you ...
The Yes, No, and Maybe of ItQuality outsourcing (Virtual Assistance) can be a tricky issue.  While some Realtors® have embraced this service, others remain unconvinced. Some agents are more comfortable with using domestic resources than sending their work overseas.  It's a concern whether an over...
Take Advantage of Your Contact List or Leave Money on the TableCreating Email Lists for Digital Marketing Campaigns Email marketing is an important spoke in the digital marketing campaign wheel. Besides the amount of time spent that goes into email marketing,  some business people prefer not to d...
E-Newsletters - An Effective Internet Marketing StrategyE-Newsletters should be part of an Intenet marketing strategy.  They're cost-effect and easy to do on a regular basis. E-newsletters come in a variety of formats. Some are set up in an email style while others have full-on graphics, ads, and...
5 Tips for Maintaining a Successful BlogNearly every website comes with a blog component. Having a ready-made platform for your posts is the easy part. Maintaining a successful blog, though, can be a lot more challenging. Factors to consider are developing a focus, gaining popularity, and how you...
Top 5 Tips to Getting Social Media FollowersYou already know how important social media is for increasing your bottom line. Many people, though, find getting started on social media very daunting. With all the different options and ways to get followers, it's easy to quickly get overwhelmed.Here ...
How an Attitude of Gratitude Helps Your Business SucceedFeeling gratitude has been shown to have significant positive effects on an individual's health and happiness.  When we're grateful for all things big and small, it shows in our relationships with ourselves and others.  Having an attitude of...
How to Set Up a Successful Blog Marketing StrategyDiscipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.In a previous post, "There's More to Content Marketing Campaigns Than Blogging"  I outlined 10 different kinds of content you can create for your content marketing strategy.  This week I wa...

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