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This is very common. People assume that the minute they have a website people should find them and their business should be booming. I get it, many may not understand the nuances of a real estate website or any website for that matter but you also have to understand that there are literally billi...
Any amazing buyers in the Colorado Springs area? Great home, beautiful layout and gorgeous location!  THANKAVET.com 5670 Loyola Drive, Colorado Springs CONTACT BOB DEYOUNG 719-660-1116 or TEXT 719-660-1116 for QUESTIONS oir to schedule private tour of this property.   EMAIL:   Bob@THANKAVET.com P...
Have self-employed clients? Think it's tricky to get a home loan? Think again! (okay, yes, that was kind of cheesy but stick with me here)My client Jackie Barikhan has a passion for helping folks get a loan or a refinance if they are self-employed and can't totally prove their income. This is her...

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We do a lot of things! In addition to writing dozens of articles and blogs each month we offer assistance to real estate agents with their websites and all types of commercial and personal websites. We do marketing and online promotion through various social media and blogs. My AR Blog showcases what we do and how you can do it too!