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Can you take an offer before you said you would? What's the best option when working FOR your buyer or seller? One of my very dear friends is a real estate agent and she's probably one of the best I've met. She's aggressive, firm, and one of those types that could sell a popsicle to an Eskimo. So...
SEO is getting more and more complicated and Google is making it harder for all us to find our keywords, track them and figure out the best thing to do with them. We all know it’s financial. If they can sell us the keywords, why give them to us for free? Ugh… However, the use of Google Analytics ...

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We do a lot of things! In addition to writing dozens of articles and blogs each month we offer assistance to real estate agents with their websites and all types of commercial and personal websites. We do marketing and online promotion through various social media and blogs. My AR Blog showcases what we do and how you can do it too!