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Excellent examples!"When you over-price your house, even by "just a little," you make buyers compare your house to those that are nicer."Note: If you would like to comment on this post, please click on the original author's link. Thank you. When it comes time to choose the price you ask for your ...
The most common is when the buyer makes purchases on their credit cards. Don't buy any new appliances or furniture until after escrow closes. Top 10 Things That Can Go Wrong During a Real Estate Transaction Every day in real estate is a fresh, new day!  I think that's what most of us love about t...
Bad real estate photos hurt the property listing and the seller. Investing in quaility photography increases the chances of bringing buyers. Everyone makes mistakes. No one can be perfect all the time. You probably already know that if you’re really trying, you’re bound to mess up. And at some po...
Because you are involved in the real estate industry, I wanted to make sure you knew about an upcoming event in Sacramento -- Social Media and the Future of Real Estate -- on May 8 at the SAR Mack Powell Auditorium. This event is produced by Social Media Club Sacramento (I'm on the leadership tea...
Have you ever had a recurring nightmare? I’m not talking Freddy Kruger.  I’m referring to those dreams of going over a bridge and it just keeps getting steeper and steeper until finally you’re heading straight up and you feel yourself being pulled by gravity, afraid of falling backwards.  That’s...
As soon as they start managing every detail of our lives.... we are no longer a free society.  It gives too much control.  Just think, they could go in and wipe out everything if they chose and we would have no way to prevent it or protect ourselves.  What's next? The Internet gives us opportunit...
A VA home loan is a loan guaranteed and insured by the Veteran's Administration and has helped home buyers get in a home with no down payment.  The seller can also pay for some or all of the closing costs. Whether you are a soldier recently returning home to Sacramento or or a Veteran who wants t...
I have been meaning to get this posted on my blog, it's already October 8th but there is still time to enter.  I am a Life Member of the Ladies Auxiliary of VFW Post 4647 here in Sacramento.  Each year the VFW holds a scholarship program for high school kids grades 9-12.  Please pass this info al...
I got a kick out of this song.  It does seem we are bombarded these days with tips and steps for just about everything.  I gotta say though, I'm a sucker for those articles and I find them very helpful.  I love to know 7 steps for this and 5 ways to do that and 8 tips to help.  Just give me some...
When you are saving to buy a home, every cent helps.  It's no secret that right now is a great time to purchase a home in Sacramento.   Did you know that Fannie Mae has a special program to help? Fannie Mae Announces New Incentives for HomePath® Properties REO or Real Estate Owned properties tha...

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