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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
That stinks, but instead of going into a blue funk, use it to your advantage.Send “Just Listed” cards. Tell your current prospects and others in your territory that there is a new listing, and why that’s good news for them if they’ve been thinking of selling. (Of course you must not pretend that ...
You need to market your services – have you chosen your audience?Today, informed buyers and sellers are choosy. They don’t want just any agent – they want one who knows how to help them in their specific quest to buy or sell.And not every buyer and seller is the same. A first time buyer has diffe...
An email I had tucked away in my files cited “7 Scientifically Based Copywriting Tips.” The writer said to be wary of selling “savings” and to instead sell “time.”Are either of those what you sell when you’re marketing your services? I think so, and I think they’re both important to your potentia...
If the commission is split 50/50 is that fair? Or - does the listing agent or selling agent deserve a greater share? Do you watch Bob Massi – the Property Man? I saw an episode in which he and a Scottsdale, Arizona agent were discussing real estate commissions.They were promoting the idea of a fl...
From this morning's email: An exercise to do each day in April. (Or maybe for the rest of the year.)Each morning, ask yourself: "What if 2019 turns out to be the best year of my life so far?"
Many agents don’t bother with trying to list FSBO’s. They’re convinced that it’s a waste of time because those people have already decided they can sell without an agent. In addition, “they probably want too much for the house.”I’ll agree that there are some FSBO’s you won’t budge, and some who w...
How many times have you gotten up in the morning with a long list of “must do” tasks for the day? How many times has that made you less than enthusiastic about getting busy and getting to work?When you start in that frame of mind, you might slog through those tasks and accomplish a lot before the...
Your "about me" page – also known as your profile, or agent bio, is supposed to be about you. It's the only page on your entire website that should be about you.This is where you can brag a little about your expertise, tell what you have to offer, and share some insight into who you are when you'...
I have been SO absent lately - finding time only to come and comment on a post or two all this week. I've been busy, but what really messed me up was when my laptop crashed on Sunday. Trying to connect through web mail on my old computer has been a trial.Hopefully the laptop will be repaired and ...
These home buyers were extremely fortunate that Jay and Mighty Mo, his trusty thermal imaging camera, were on the job. If not for him, they'd have been stuck with the huge bill to remedy the situation.People should remember that just because it's new construction doesn't mean all is well. What ha...


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