Tyndall Air Force Base (Panama City, FL)
By Captain Wayne - Rowlett Real Estate School, Rowlett Real Estate School / Owner and Instructor
(Rowlett Real Estate School)
Beginning on May 14th in Panama City, Florida,  Rowlett Real Estate School is offering free Registration for Military Personal and Veterans for our FREE FLORIDA 63 hr. PRE SALES REAL ESTATE COURSE.  Class will begin May 14th and will meet at the Bay County Association of Realtors Building on Harrison Avenue in Panama City, Florida.  Please visit our schedule for more details at www.ourclassschedule.com Welcome Military Personal and Veterans: Rowlett Real Estate School would like to show its appreciation and gratitude to the members of our Armed Forces who have served our country in Iraq or Afgahanistan, by offering this free career opportunity to become a licensed Real Estate Associate.     We are proud to provide "for free" the Florida classroom 63 hour Real Estate course for those who...
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