Clint Eastwood's (mission Ranch) (Carmel, CA)
 If Vegas Bob isn't working this weekend he might take a drive down to Carmel and stop at the Mission Ranch which is owned by Clint Eastwood.As some may know Vegas Bob has visited the Mission Ranch several times over the years hoping to either meet Mr Eastwood at his restaurant and or maybe even catch him playing some jazz music on the piano.Here is a video of the Mission Ranch that I took back in 2012 and a photograph below.And if I do visit the Mission Ranch this weekend and run into Clint, I will be sure to try and get a photo of the two of us together ;o) 
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 Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz has had the privilege of visiting The Mission Ranch now owned by Clint Eastwood aka "Dirty Harry" three different times now.  Every time I visit The Mission Ranch located in Carmel Monterey Bay Peninsula I am blown away by it's beauty. There are several different buildings with unique different settings and rooms to stay in. On my last visit I was trying to book one of the rooms for around 120 dollars, but it was booked solid for the next couple weeks.  Here some wonderful photos that I took on my 3rd visit to The Mission Ranch owned by Clint Eastwood, and feel free to take a look at some other links at the bottom of the post ... Vegas Bob meets Clint Eastwood Mission Ranch Carmel California ... Jun 13, 2012 –
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