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Eric & Linda Shelman, a husband and wife team are co-owners of Select Realty Associates. We are a full service Real Estate Company complete with a Property Management division.

Get to know Eric and Linda Shelman

Just watch Eric or Linda Shelman at work ONCE, and you'll know why you should work with us.  Believe us, our resolve has been well-tested over the last few years in this business, and we've come through with flying colors!  Sometimes all it takes is keeping your eye on the prize -- and that's either finding you a home, or getting YOUR home sold.  We're always available by cell phone, so don't hesitate to call -- even if it's in the evening.  Thanks!

Eric and Linda Shelman's Blog Posts


Here's a few references . . . keep in mind, I asked these folks to keep it short and simple, but I guess sometimes they have lots to say ... and darn it, I'm gonna let 'em say it!


 "I have used the Shelmans to purchase four homes in Cape Coral. They are extremely professional, and always kept me up to date about what was going on during the process.  They go above and beyond to ensure satisfaction. Eric and Linda are definitely the team to go with if you are looking for a smooth transaction and friendly knowledgable agents who provide great service."                 ~George and Heather Mastermaker


     "We met Eric Shelman in April of 2006 while on vacation in Cape Coral, FL. A quick trip to his office just to feel things out in the real estate market, we met with Eric to view some listings we had seen online. Not sure of what our intentions were at the time, to purchase now or in the distant future, we sat with Eric and explained we could be buyers now or perhaps not for several years. We told Eric what specifics we were looking for and he painstakingly broke down the units of Cape Coral for us and explained where we would find our ideal home or vacant land to build our dream home based on our wants. I was amazed at how patient he was with us! Not knowing if we would buy tomorrow, not for 5 years or NEVER he treated us no differently than a client who was committed to buy. Being from New Jersey that was a novel concept to us. Where we come from if you don't want it now, they step over you to get to the next person who does want it now.

     Eric spent two days with us driving around to show us the area and we looked at approximately 20 homes. We found a home, and made an offer that was not accepted. We talked to Eric before we headed back to NJ and told him to email us listings. We would still look but we were not ready.... Then the bottom fell out of the real estate market. We could now afford to buy land in the section of Cape Coral we thought was out of our price range. We changed direction and Eric stuck with us, never wavering! Daily we got listings in our target area, reviewed them and eventually found the right property. After a lengthy wait for a short sale approval that never came through, I was ready to quit. Eric gave me a pep-talk and we changed our approach and created a list of 46 vacant lots he compiled and he went to preview my top choices while we were in New Jersey. I trusted his opinion and judgement, he had been completely open and honest through this whole experience. He opened his heart and his home to us, so we were comfortable with him and his wife Linda like they were old friends. Eric called me to say that he previewed one of my top choices and if he could pick his house up off his lot and move it to this lot, he would move tomorrow. That was it, sight unseen in October 2008 we bought it. 

     Incredibly caring, reliable, honest, trustworthy and genuine rolled up with a great sense of humor and the patience of a saint sums up Eric Shelman. We have recommended Eric and Linda to friends and family looking for land and homes in the Cape Coral area."          ~ Barbara Olsen


"Thank you, Eric and Linda for all the time you have spent with us trying to find the right condo.  Although we haven't found it yet, I am certain that when the right one comes along, you will make sure that everything is taken care of.  Both of you have been very helpful and we appreciate the time you have spent with us and several family members and friends.  There is no doubt in our minds, when we need a realtor, we know that we can count on you!                                  ~ Norm & Jill Fleek