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Get More Referrals...Automatically.

Our team of writers create fun, friendly, referral building email messages. You simply approve them! No more forgetting to keep in touch or struggling with what to say. It's free to get started, works automatically, and is guaranteed to get results!


Happy Grasshopper is the top referral marketing service for real estate, insurance, financial services, and sales professionals in organizations of every size.




How to Get Referrals 

Yes, you already know that referrals are the best, fastest, least expensive way to get things sold.  But you still don't like to ask for them.  It's an awkward, almost mercenary turn in the conversation that is absolutely dripping with risk.

Think about it from their point of view.  You didn't just ask for a small favor.  You asked them to risk their most valuable asset - their reputation.  What if you screw up?  Or through no fault of your own, things don't work out?  Never forget this: you only get ONE chance.  If you don't do a great job, that person will NEVER refer you again.

RULE ONE: DO A GREAT JOB - It should go without saying, but c'mon people, you know that you're always under the microscope, right?  There is no single better way to grow your business than by pursuing excellence.  Demonstrate excellence by communicating regularly in a non-intrusive, friendly way.

Even if I'm your biggest fan, it's not easy to refer you.  How do I bring you up?  How do I pass on your information?  It's hard to build a steady stream of referrals when you're depending on casual conversations to turn to real estate.  And when they do, do I really know how to refer you?  What do I say?  Should I tell them your name, the name of your firm, give them your phone number, what?!  

RULE TWO: MAKE IT EASY - It doesn't matter how much I love you, if it's not easy to pass along your information, I won't.  Or at least not as often as you want me to.  Do the heavy lifting here.  Think through how you want to be contacted and don't leave it to chance.  Tell them!    


I write email that starts conversations for salespeople.