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For Christmas I was given one of the coolest gadgets ever, the Olloclip!  And since then, picture taking will never be the same for me.  Here's why: The Olloclip is a lens accessory that attaches to the iPhone 4 or 4s.  Just slide it on, launch the camera app, and you are in business.  What the O...
As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Yes of course it is… A great picture tells a story.   But this week, I've learned a fresh perspective on this old saying because creating a diagram actually solved a problem for me.  So in this case, it's "a diagram is worth a thousand...
We've been hearing a lot lately about high-profile bankruptcies such as Kodak and Wonder Bread.  But for every bankruptcy mentioned in the media, there are countless personal bankruptcies filed.  And while most of us are familiar with the purpose of bankruptcy, many are unfamiliar with the actual...
As the closing agent, there are times when the parties we're working with on transactions ask for advice that we are not allowed to give.  Or, on occasion it may be assumed that we are responsible for certain tasks that we are not allowed to perform.  And with our multicultural / international te...
I'm truly curious.  Do you think that providing a service that sends out reminders of important business dates, or events, via text is a good thing?   Or in other words, what if your preferred title company offered a service that sent you a short text message to remind you in advance when the rec...
A couple weeks ago I was faced with the challenge of creating an interactive document that we could use to illustrate a few tips for reading plat maps.  It needed to point out a various types of property access on a Seattle, King County map. Essentially, we wanted something a little more interact...
REO (Real Estate Owned) properties make up a significant portion of the inventory in the Puget Sound real estate market. As a reality of the current real estate industry REO transactions draw plenty of confusion and frustration for many who are involved. Here at Ticor we’ve been handling a steady...
  You’re out shopping for property and may have just found your dream home when your Realtor® informs you that “the driveway easement to the street runs over the neighbor’s property over there.” Great! Huh? Is that a problem or what? In this case it’s not a problem at all. The copy of the title r...
Our Ticor Gives Back campaign is in full swing with our staff rallying to fill the boxes in each branch and our giving spirits are high. On Monday alone, our Renton branch filled 11 boxes (200 food items). And the emails back and forth on our team are so positive and full of gratitude as we work ...
Q: Is there an organization working on standardizing and streamlining the property records & transaction process in the United States so that we can have more efficient and greener real estate transactions in the future? A: Why yes! In fact PRIA (Property Records Industry Association) is devoted ...

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I'm the tech director of sales and marketing for Ticor title in Washington state. I integrate technology into the sales process and tell our story via digital media channels.

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