Gas stations can pose potential risks and contamination to the environment. The storage and handling of petroleum products can lead to leaks or spills, resulting in soil and groundwater contamination. The presence of underground storage tanks increases the likelihood of hazardous substances enter...
Auto salvage workers show off their short work ingenuity on Facebook, while accidentally exposing their careless contamination. How many fuel tanks do they empty this way per week? As an inspection company, it's shocking to see how much fuel is being spilled onto the ground multiplied several ti...
How long is a Phase 1 Environmental Report Valid? A Phase 1 Environmental Assessment is valid for 180 days. If certain industry standards have changed, environmental conditions are different, or the CERCLA statutes of limitations have been met, the assessment could become obsolete in less time.  ...
Buyer flipped this property and profitted 1.2M after the remediation was done. Leaking underground hydraulic car lifts were removed and closure letter presented to lender.  Watch video

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