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Insider comments on happenings in Sonoma, why you might want to live here or just come visit. Photographs included.
Sorry I've neglected this blog so long.  With my lack of attention here, you'd think I was busy just raking in the dough...well, not quite.  I've been busy all right...lots of people looking, no one ready to commit.  This is confusing to me since our Sonoma home prices have been dropping like sto...
Long ago when I was young(er) and  (more) foolish and was then, as I have always been, hopeful and optimistic about just almost everything, I remember stopping into a real estate office in a town in the south Bay known for very expensive homes.  I saw a brochure about a house in the window that I...
I simply cannot keep up with all the fun things that are going on in my life here in Sonoma. If you lived here, I'm sure it would be the same for you!  (I know a great Realtor who can sell you a house!)I'm dying to tell you about last weekend's fund-raiser, even as it passes quickly into obsolesc...
I keep getting the message "wrong format".  I hate this, when I have such wonderful pictures! I've been blogging to you about the grape harvest.  the other day, smack in the middle of a vast vineyard, it occurred to me that many of you have no idea how many acres are involved in the grape plantin...
Hello again, I'm about 3/4 of the way through my GRI.  I'd love to hear some practical reasons from other GRI folks about how they have used the GRI designation to benefit their business.  I love the classes, and always feel pumped up and enthusiastic after I leave, but want to consider the pract...
Just one more thing for tonight before I fall out asleep!Today our team heard a presentation about "Paying down points" from our local Countrywide VP.  He is a highly respected member of the financial community here (not to mention all he does for non-profits) and his presentation was about two t...
Today someone asked me:  "when you move into a new town, how do you figure out all the important things to know?"  I said, "like what"?  She said, "exactly!  what are the most important things to know?"  After an appropriate pause, I said "to me there are two things - a haircutter you can trust a...
I'm dying to share all the information about this last weekend's fabulously huge benefit weekend for our non-profits, but tonight, this question is more important than my reporting on something I love.I'm actually really good at customer follow-up.  I write grammatically correct and interesting e...
How local do you have to be? I have had several experiences as a Realtor in the last 6 months where I am one of two agents trying to help buyers frind a home.  It seems to have more to do with where the buyer wants to find a home, and their indecision about that (usually related to what they can ...
Would love to collect some comments about how any of you use virtual (or non-virtual) assistants.  I think I could use one, but don't understand the scope of their work.  for instance, do they generally work in the actual office you occupy?  Do the brokers in your office have to agree?  Is there ...

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