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I'll bet that all of us, who prefer to work for ourselves, have read some book or went to some seminar about goal setting.  I've been through all the motions before and now that I've really decided to set my goals and work out a plan to achieve them, I've run into a little problem.  I've got shor...
Back in April when I got my second listing, I knew it would be a hard sell.  It's a 1994 mobile home on 3 acres of land in an area that people are moving away from because of the bad school systems.  Also it's about 20 miles out of my service area.  But, I was a brand new agent and I was ready to...
It just seems like common sense to me that any buyer that's purchasing a home would hire a licensed inspector to check the house out.  Well since I've been working as a Realtor I've had about ten buyers that have entered into purchase agreements to buy a home, 2 being new construction.  Out of th...
I can't believe what I've been hearing from consumers these past few days.  Today I was told, by the second person, some crazy things as far as real estate agents go.  I'll start with last week...I got a listing from a builder in a new subdivision.  So after my open house was over Sunday and I wa...
Recently, I've decided that I need to pursue FSBO's much harder to get my listing inventory up to the level I want it.  A week or so ago, I was going through one of our local FSBO sites making some calls.  I got a lady on the phone and, after giving her my quick pitch, she informs me that she alr...
Mortgage companies all over the country are having problems.  But, there's good news today.  The interest rate is the lowest it has been in the past 3 months.  Freddie Mac reported a drop in the 30-year fixed rate from 6.52 to 6.45.  The 15-year fixed rate went from 6.18 to 6.12.What's this mean?...
I came across an interesting article yesterday while reading Realtor Magazine.  It claims that often times people - even those who think they have great negotiating skills - accept the deal too quickly.  People almost always underestimate how far they can get the other side to go. The article giv...
It looks like our traffic problem is finally going to be over... in about a decade.  I found an article in the Livingston Parish News this morning that addresses our problem and tells what's being done about it.  It looks like I-12 is going to be widened from the O'neal exit to the Walker exit.  ...
I can't making it through a single day without hearing how the real estate market is crashing all over the country, and that we are all in trouble.  Even in my own office I hear seasoned agents talking about what it's going to be like when they have to get a second job at Wal-Mart.  Well I'm not ...

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