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Many people who come to the Washington, DC, area are choosing the Southern Maryland suburbs (Charles County, Calvert County or Saint Marys County) to live.  Once you venture outside of the counties located immediately next to Washington, DC (Prince Georges County and Montgomery County), you will ...
There are many reasons why NOW is the best time to buy real estate:1.  Selection.  There are an incredible amount of homes on the market right now, so buyers have more than enough potential properties to choose from!2.  Few Offers.  Two years ago, I worked with buyers who wrote offers on 10 homes...
According to the Dept. of Housing and Community Development, Prince Georges County tops the list for foreclosures in Maryland Counties at 29.1%.  The foreclosure rate in Charles County is 3.9% rate.  I would be intersted in compiling the statistics for the other Maryland Counties.  The informatio...
It seems that every day we hear someone on television talking about what a disaster the real estate market is now.  During 2003, 2004, 2005, and most of 2007, the market in Maryland was booming ... partly because of the liberal practices of lenders.  We saw home prices shoot up at ridiculous rate...

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