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  In the first part of this blog on infomercials, I mentioned the chart, outlining the costs involved in making an infomercial.  For 2007 the chart showed that a typical infomercial could cost $138,125.00 to $700,650.00.  Now that can be out of reach for a lot of businesses and companies, never ...
Long Form Infomercials are 28 minutes and 30 seconds in length. A successful infomercial production starts with a great product or service. Mass appeal products that are highly demonstrable tend to work best in infomercials as do services that can be of great help and make peoples lives better. ...
Make Your Video WORK for You We all have heard from one source or another that putting a video on your web site will preform magic, by drawing customers attention, and possibly sales. Typically people will watch a video, because they are gathering information using two senses, sight and sound. I...
by Wayne Clark, The Reel Estate Network As a video marketing company we have noticed that during the past 6 months, as the market has slowed even more, Realtors have not been marketing new listings as aggressively, as they have in the past. Fewer Realtors are using broadcast video due to the exp...
By Wayne Clark, The Reel Estate Network  I know many of you have been spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for advertising in the newspapers, and flyers.  It's become a tradition, if not a habit to stick those black and white photo ads, week after week in the daily newspapers, and week...
    How to make your video drive Buyers crazy and turn them away by Wayne Clark, The Reel Estate Network Video on the web is now the in-thing for either promoting your business, reaching out to friends and relatives, or just promoting a listing.  When it comes to your business, and attracting bu...

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