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It's here! RealtyTrac released its list of the top ski areas for real estate investment, and there were some interesting factors involved in their ranking - the old standbys like median home prices and gross rent yield, and less common factors like airport proximity and 'Pure Awesomeness'!As expe...
Our global economy (and the infinite abyss that is the Internet) can make it seem like your reach has to extend far beyond the parameters of your market. And while that can be true in some cases, buying and selling real estate remains, at its core, a localized service.But these days, social media...
  A new report funded by the Department of Energy says that homebuyers have consistently been willing to pay more for a property with owned solar photovoltaic systems (PV), regardless of home type or market.In English, the results confirm what early adopters have always believed: solar makes cent...
That’s just what real estate developer Extell did to market One Riverside Park, a 35-story, 219-unit condominium located in the company’s Riverside South residential complex in Manhattan. In perhaps the most technologically-advanced sales tactic ever, Extell tapped holography pioneer Musion to ge...
If you could have any amenity at home, what would it be? A 10-car showroom? A mile-long moat? How about a zip line course crisscrossing the backyard? (Okay, that last one’s just me.)Homeownership is a dream realized for most, so it’s no surprise that the desire for wish fulfillment remains long a...
Death and taxes really are all that's certain in this world.Hopeful homeowners have a lot to consider when transitioning from renting to owning – taxes included. But what about sellers? What tax implications can they expect? Sellers can avoid capital gains taxes by taking advantage of exclusions....
It's cold.We’ve all been there: trapped indoors on the most frigid of days. If you’re like me, you’re probably imagining being somewhere else. A place so remote, your cell barely registers service. Butterscotch-strawberry swirl sunsets, palm trees swaying amid cool ocean breezes…I’ll take one pr...

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