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I recently had an experience working with an investor that wanted to sell a home he had just purchased.  He found a buyer within a week and I took the loan application as an FHA loan and turned the file into my processor and told her we wanted to close the loan in 15-21 days.  She waited until th...
You'll Find These 10 Books On My Wisdom Bookshelf: Release Your Brakes Mirror Mirror On The Wall Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth Influence: Science and Practice (4th Edition) The Trusted Advisor Loving...
The 10 Basic Laws of Marketing For Loan OfficersThe functions of selling and marketing are distinctly different. The goal of marketing is to make the phone ring (or obtain response via email or snail mail) by differentiating yourself from your competition. The goal of sales is achieve a secondary...
SOME HELPUL FHA TIPS   MAX LOAN AMOUNT VARIES BY COUNTY   ·  Go to   WEBSITES YOU MAY NEED   ·   ·  - click on multiple name search   ·
UPDATE TO THE FHA 203(b) LOAN PROGRAM – Increase in FHA Maximum Mortgage Limits for 2008On Friday, January 18, 2008, FHA announced the new 2008 maximum loan limits. The new 2008maximum loan limits are effective immediately for new and existing loan applications. Loans maybe locked in accordance w...
        Twists and turns for fans The downtown streets are closing. The tractor trailers are rolling in. And driver Danica Patrick is planning a Tampa Bay area pit stop. It’s race week again in St. Petersburg. As race officials finish preparing the 1.8-mile, 14-turn street course, here are some ...
Spring is here and with it some new developments for those people that have decent credit (or no credit) and can verify their income. FHA has changed their business practices to be much kinder and gentler to us.  If you havn't done an FHA purchase in a while, chances are you will do one soon.FHA ...
The Federal funds rate was at 5.25% last summer, they are currently at 2.25% and and experts say they are headed to 1% by the summer!GOOD NEWS:  The Federal Reserve on Mar. 18 cut the federal funds rate by three-quarters of a percentage point, to 2.25%.  BAD NEWS:  The two biggest inflation hawks...
Homebuyers that find themselves stuck in high interest rate loans that have drastically increased their monthly payments or soon will have that problem is continuing to create problems for the housing market.  While there is no solution that fits all homeowners, we have a few options to consider,...
I found a great article to assist me in evaluating how the recession fears are being realized in the reports that come out.  Here is a short version to tell for yourself.Unemployment  new filings come every Thursday-   Jobless Claims (Initial) Initial jobless claims measure the number of people (...

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