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We are real estate development marketing and sales professionals with high-levels of development management experiences in the industry. We have learned that the best way to achieve success is to leverage customer connecting resources we have with well-defined business objectives; real estate business development, and redevelopment propositions. That is the purpose of our CMS and blog and . Rodwell Building Services is the culmination of real estate business development management and capital improvement enterprisesthat benefits keen real property sellers, buyers and users in Washington, DC and up to 50 miles around Maryland and Northern Virginia with the real services and the right property for their order! Our business will be a perfect fit for your business providing turnkey living solutions that enables people and facilities for organizations to seamlessly move between different buildings and neighborhoods, fostering growth and achievements. Nobody knows this metropolitan better than Rodwell and we look forward interviewing with you for your realty needs. RodwellBuildingServices™ have matched users to properties and modified properties to users for over 35 years. Our business began selling real estate because both builders and shoppers wanted more of the real services and the right properties for their orders. That’s why we offer a designer, CAD/REVIT professional - 3D visualization renderer for your property’s customizations before you buy so you can experience modernizing and upgrading physical properties to meet your most demanding property standards and values available. Have a project in mind; pick out a property from,, and Homesnap or from your favorite broker’s website and book a consult with us. You will be amazed at your possibilities.
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My passion for knowing the value of every property the best; from its constructions to its markets, is what drives our commitment for resolving your realty needs. RodwellBuildingServices™ match users to properties and modify properties to users for over 35 years. Our specialties are our proficiencies to uncover the desires of buyers and users then pointing them to their most suited properties, logistically. That’s why we have a wider services range plus our capabilities for modernizing and upgrading properties to meet the pickiest of demands, market standards and values. RodwellBuildingServices™ fills the service gap between builders and new house buyers and home resellers with home shoppers. Our services feature properties on,,, and as well as on your favorite international broker’s website where interested buyers may book a consult with us directly without disturbing your agenda. We would love to sell your special property for the price fair to you. And, we would love to help you improve upon your next property.