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Nothing that a "Lost Note Affidavit" can't fix, right? Wrong! Just another example of why homeowners should always challenge a foreclosure! Check out this latest example discovered in Massachusetts:
  Unfortunately, many homeowners who have been discharged in bankruptcy and have surrendered their property as part of that process are finding themselves trapped in the black hole of bankruptcy and secured debt. Here is a recent example our office has just dealt with:   Client owned a property i...
  You can always attempt to negotiate a loan modification or short-sale on your own.  Banks (or “servicers”) may be willing to discuss modifying your mortgage loan to an affordable rate (based on your ability to pay, etc.) in order to avoid foreclosure. There are non-profit housing counselors ava...
This entry is an update to my blog I posted in 2009 titled: "What happens when a lender can’t produce the original note?" This entry is intended to provide general information only.   Depending on your financial position, it might be very beneficial for you to pursue a case against your mortgage ...
Hello All: !!HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Talk about taking it right down to the wire! Many of you will be very happy to know that lawmakers managed to extend the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act as part of their 11th hour deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. The extension means homeowners will continue to be...
Hello to all! Our office has been receiving quite a few phone calls from agents and brokers with questions about the newly enacted Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Act (MARS) introduced by the FTC. As of December 29th, 2010 the FTC requires new disclosures to be made by anyone providing mortga...
Hello! It has never been our practice to take the "I told you so" attitude with our fellow colleagues and constituents. But (every now and then) acknowledging the fact that your true beliefs have been validated can be very refreshing. For years we have been educating homeowners about the importan...
For the past several years we have been representing and educating homeowners about the importance of challenging a lender's right to foreclose. A recent Massachusetts Supreme Court's decision further supports these arguments and is a huge victory for Massachusetts homeowners (and potentially hom...
via On Wednesday December 29, 2010, 3:56 pm EST WASHINGTON (AP) -- Fewer troubled homeowners are receiving assistance with their mortgages as government efforts to prevent foreclosures are slowing. About 470,000 homeowners received help on their mortgages in the July-September quarter, federal re...
Regardless if you want to call this heightened hype or simply a hard scary reality of things to come, it is important to have such a dialog in an open forum to address such a serious issue that will most definitely affect each and every tax paying homeowner across this country.Warning: The Blog P...

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This blog has been created to help real estate professionals in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts better understand Short-Sales and other Pre- Foreclosure options available to their clients.