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Low Interest Rates in California
More Mortgage Industry Changes Time to be aware that you will start seeing yet another, group of changes in the mortgage industry. Starting this fall with Fannie & Freddie, lowering of the conforming loan amounts. Orange County & LA County, word has it, will have a maximum of $625,500 no longer ...
Economic indicators should be paid attention to.   They are what we call "FUNDAMENTALS", in other words the structure of our economy.   They will show a trend of interest rates going up and down.  They will tell you allot about why the consumer is not buying or not spending.  Why prices in your l...
  Today we salute the brave men and women who served and protected our country. May we always remember their strength, courage, and sacrifice. Wishing you and your family well on this important holiday.  
Yes there are mortgage loans that will allow a borrower to purchase a home when they show very little income on their tax returns.  (Not your typical "traditional" mortgage) This loan would require assets. These assets don't have to be liquid. They can be stocks, bonds, mutual funds or savings of...
Yes, we all get caught up in looking at the end result low mortgage interest rates and don't realize there are a few ways to achieve the end results.  I do this on occasion, forgetting that a borrower may want a lower mortgage interest rate than the typical 30 year fixed mortgage interest rate an...
When properties are listed we all get stuck on the listed sales price, throughout the selling process.  Well did you think that possibly that buyer who comes along with good credit but is having difficulty qualifying, due to either low funds to close or the interest rate is preventing the buyer f...

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