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National investor group looking to sell one home in Atlanta Georgia and three homes in Chicago IL. Each of the homes are fixers, but we offer them cheap so you can buy them cheap. More information available upon request. We sell these homes to local buyers and investors alike. Please contact our ...
Summit Solutions Team, the preminent REO wholesalers in the Bay Area is now blogging on Activerain.   Join us on September 25th for REO training.   Click HERE for more info.   In the last 24 months, Summit Solutions Team, Corp. turned over 800 REOs into owner-occupied homes. Learn the tricks of t...
Check out this website to help spread your blog across the web! Lots of great advice!
Do you want to Survive or Thrive in 2010? As frequent news casts will relentlessly inform the American public, the economy is not so hot right now... I already knew that. Consumer spending is down to record lows and businesses are competing more than ever for clients... I knew that too... THRIVIN...
As we speak I have a a local professional editing a MotionVFX animated introduction while a virtual assisant in the Phillipines is working on the raw footage of my introduction.  Why am I going to such great lengths to have this 30 second video on my website? Because VIDEO is in. I recently perus...
NEED HELP WITH A BUSINESS PLAN? GIVE US A CALL :) 925-708-3570 Hitchings Consulting, Inc. is here to help you make 2010 a year of change!  No matter how much of a business genius you think you are, a business plan is a good idea for all business professionals. Many succesfull individuals will att...
Hitchings Consulting is officially back and serving the real estate community. More to come shortly. Internet marketing. SEO. Commercial Leasing. Rennovation.  Market Analysis.  Industry news. Editorials   Check out our website here
1. Build your inbound links 2. Put a video on your page 3. Rate all the meta keywords you use 4. Use an SEO grading school like the FREE one provided by Hubspot at or one of the more advanced tools listed on 5. Follow RSS...
  SEO Basics If you don't already know, SEO stands for "search engine optimization." Read this Wikipedia article for further info   First - How search engines work When you type "Homes for sale in Lafayette" into Google you may think that Google, or Google's computers are actively searching the e...
I will save you the trouble of reading the whole article and tell you that SEO stands for "search engine optimization." SEO is important because a growing number of consumers are heading to the internet to search for services and products to do research before they even pick up the phone. You may...

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